Designeers Live Talk with Carly


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Anca Enica from Designeers Club interviewed Carly about all the aspects of interior design.

Covering subjects such as:

Starting out

Difficult Clients

Design Style



Business Organisation

Work / LIfe Balance

Secrets to Success

Find out more below or watch the live talk.

 Starting Out

From a very young age, my father took me around building sites. I later worked for Spacecraft for 12 years, where I led  furniture sales. It was here I  made my connection with Knoll, and later earned the Knoll dealership status.

Difficult clients

Ensuring the service boundairies are set out from the start reduces the risk of having a  ‘difficult client’.  It enables execution of the project with everyone informed and most importantly ‘on board’.

Design style

I believe in timeless design with iconic furniture pieces that stay beautiful regardless of current trends – but I can’t deny I’m not influenced by trending tones and colour combinations. My ethos behind my design is 1/3 plain or colour, 1/3 texture and 1/3 pattern.


It took a while to understand how to price our projects, so that  we were happy with the outcome. We do not follow one particular formula. Instead, we offer different services, from hourly consultations and advice to furniture packages and, of course, complete renovations too.



We work with over a hundred suppliers. Under each category whether its lighting or furniture, or rugs we have a number of suppliers that we work with. And are always on the lookout for more new and local businesses. 

Business Organisation

We have a team of 7 people, all leading different areas and aspects of interior design.   This helps me be organised.

Secrets to Success

Having a clear open mind. A great team behind you and always a positive outlook. We are very  solution based in our working ethics. I like this aspect to design and the bigger the challenge the greater the reward.

Work/Life balance

This can be tricky at times, juggling families, kids and work. Working out every morning helps a lot. Carly also learned to say no. This took a while, but working with great clients and seeing how we enhanced many of their homes always drives you .

A recording of the Live Talk  below