After the year we have all had, would we not all love a little calm this Christmas?


Ordinarily, Christmas is not something we’d describe as calm, but with the new restrictions and being limited to mixing with 3 households, we are almost forced to have a quieter, more relaxed Christmas, so let’s embrace that!


Creating The Ambience


Christmas table dressing

Here at NW3 Interiors, we have focused on steering away from your typical commercial ways of doing your Christmas table dressing, by purposefully staying clear of the sparkly, metallic and anything bright and gaudy. We chose a soft colour palette inspired by nature. Using warm and autumnal spices as a base to create a beautiful minimal elegant look. A simple timeless scheme like this, can feel just as festive as something more flamboyant! We were able to create a more spacious and minimal table in order to give us space for the guests. Taking a holistic approach to consider all the senses. Sight, smell, touch and sound.  We used candles at different heights to create a multi-level glow. Lit a gorgeous pine scented candle to fill the room with the scent of Christmas. Layered soft linens and added natural materials, such as leather, glass and ceramic ornaments, steering clear of any plastic, and whilst photographing, enjoyed listening to chilled beats in the background.


Selecting our luxury furniture


As you may already be aware, we have a close partnership with Knoll, and therefore featured their furniture…

The famous grasshopper table, in a marble top and we chose to play around with 2 different chairs, which changed the look and feel dramatically. In the first image above, we use the iconic MR Side chair, designed by Ludwig Mies van der Rohe in 1927. The chair’s cantilevered design uses tubular steel, then a technology novelty, to create an intuitively ergonomic seat. The natural tan leather gives it a real spice autumnal feel. Whilst in the second image below, we used the current on trend boucle covered Knoll Saarinen chair. This gave it a much lighter, fluffier feel, which automatically gave it a more wintery snowy feel. It also lightened up the look dramatically which in fact then gave it a more luxurious feel.


Knoll Saarinen chair

These chairs are available to order now, so please contact us if you would like to get yours in time for Christmas.

We wish everyone a serene and beautiful Christmas 2020.

Ham&High editorial