Coco Wolf


Coco Wolf are well-known for their unique approach to designing outdoor furniture. Their outdoor seating collection has already made quite the impression on customers, who can relax outdoors in comfort, without sacrificing luxury.

Now, we are excited to introduce Coco Wolf’s beautiful, new marble dining table collection. Perfectly matched with Coco Wolf’s outdoor seating, their new marble table collection adds an elegant touch to any outdoor area

The beauty of this collection lies with your ability to personalise your table to meet your individual style and desires. The marble top comes in a range of stunning colours – from a white stone to a deeper shade of grey. You can choose the colour which best complements your outdoor design.


The Iroko Wood legs also come in 8 gorgeous stain colours. Choose from a range of grey and brown shades to create a design which remains cohesive with the rest of your outdoor look. The Iroko Wood was not just chosen for its spectacular beauty, it was also chosen to minimise the effort needed to maintain it. The legs of the table are scratch resistant as well as weather resistant, giving you peace of mind that your marble table’s striking appearance will be maintained whilst outside.

Add the final touches to your marble table by choosing the marble edgefinish which best suits you. Coco Wolf have introduced three marble edge finishes – shark nose, straight or bevelled to create the perfect table for your outside dining area.

With optimum weather resistance and easy maintenance, both the marble and iroko wood tables create a sophisticated, comfortable dining experience. Enjoy a glass of wine outdoors with an extraordinary dining table from Coco Wolf’s beautiful marble dining collection – get in touch with NW3 Interiors  today to find out more.


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