Carly Madhvani shares her Interior Design Tips


 NW3 Interiors founder and senior designer – Carly opened her home to Interieur UK,  who produce the ‘Inside Homes’ YouTube video series where you get introduced to the owners of the UK’s most beautiful homes.  

The video has had over 350,000 views in under a month.

Here, Carly shares her interior tips and designs. 

 Carly Madhvani – Watch the full video here


OUr favourite tips

Rounding of stairs or corners

To create more flow in a space, it is wise to round off your sharp corners. This way, you gain more space and make a design feature that you benefit from aesthetically and practically. It’s a win-win all around.

Create interesting storage solutions

Storage is the key to a well-functioning home. Well-designed storage will mean that even a modest space can be optimised, as Carly did here. By adding her touch of getting her sketch carved out into the wooden doors using three different types of wood. This is an old traditional technique called marquetry.

Creating an Outdoor Rug Effect With Floor Tiles

Whether you have a small patio or a large alfresco entertaining area, creating an outdoor rug with tiles can be adapted to just about any size of space. This creates a vibrant seating area visually. Just like an area rug will help delineate and zone various areas in your home, a central patterned floor tile will do the same, drawing your eye to a particular area for seating, entertaining or anything else.

NW3-Home Gym- Interiors home gym

How best to create a home gym

When designing a home gym, one must include residential features. Carly incorporated wooden flooring,  cosy lighting and warm wooden features that make it a stylish home gym where you can work out and relax in a more holistic space to do yoga.

Everything you need for the ultimate guest bedroom

A guest bedroom should feel inviting. Carly used very soft and calm tones to create this. There is storage for all the luggage under the bed. Hidden phone charging for convenience. Instead of using Art on the walls, the tapestry was used instead, which absorbs sound.

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