Steve Coogan – Director of Hampstead Estate Agent Madison Carter – discusses the NW3 ‘hood with Carly Madhvani.

Tell us a bit about your business?

A personal interior design service with modern furniture expertise.  From layouts to finishes, sharing contacts to organising installation.  Carly has takes away the stress and confusion and creates an interesting, practical, well-balanced beautiful home. Opening my home as a showroom is the ideal way to show examples of how to add colour, texture, design and quality (and where to save too).

What do you love most about Hampstead?  

The people.  They’re creative and straight talking.  No time for tittle tattle: always time for a laugh.  Plus the clothes shops, oh and the schools… and the restaurant choice is pretty amazing.

What makes it different to other areas of London?

The energy… it’s infectious. The fresh air, parks and open spaces really help with that too. It has many historic, architectural places which add interest and character.

What were your motivations for starting the business?

Being told that I was really useful in ways which helped other mums like myself enjoy their homes more.  I live and breath interior design, it gets me going.  To start a business which enabled me to share my passion is really where my heart is.
What are your biggest challenges as an independent?

Juggling my time between: Creative, admin, accounts, social media, marketing, branding, trade-shows, supplier relationships. All very important! I try and outsource as much as possible. All I really want to do is play with finishes and textures, drawings and images all day! But my client’s wouldn’t receive their furniture on time!

Besides yourselves, what’s your favourite independent Hampstead business?

Olivers Cafe in Belsize Village – which is owned by an autistic guy.  He sells his own paintings in the cafe.  It has a great atmosphere, good specials and the best hangover breakfasts! He is an inspiration.

What could local people be doing more of to help Hampstead traders?

Just show their support really.  Think first – can someone close by be a good fit for my needs.
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