Uh oh. Make way, make way. Another interior obsession coming through. Somebody PLEASE stop us. We can’t stop looking at/wanting/needing/drooling over CANE FURNITURE.

Cane Furniture

We know it’s every where and even though we’re only 19 days in, you’re probably sick of seeing it EVERY WHERE. But we’ve jumped on the bandwagon and we just can’t help but be a little bit in love with cane.

We know, you love it as much as we do! You just have to see how many amazing cane pieces there are out there in the world waiting to be bought. They’re evidently timeless pieces and must be bought in time for summer evenings, reading books in corners where the sun shines through. Or for ladies lunch or for children picnics. They are tranquil charm. Like an cherished older loved one will forever compliment your interiors. If you need some starting ideas, we’ve chosen a few of our faves to kick start your passion for cane furniture. Ready…?

Cane Furniture - 2019 Interior Trends

So excuse us while we hunt out what we can steal from our grandparents houses. All in hopes of finding inspiration items. If not? We’ll just order them directly… you know, because essentially, that’s what we do for a living!

Also if in a few weeks you’ve noticed we’re not coming up on your Instagram feed anymore, we’ve rebranded and changed our name Cane Interiors Ltd. So feel free to give us a follow if you love cane as much as we do!

If you’re interested in any of the items contact us to receive a competitive quote.

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