Ventless and Faultless: The Vauni Bio-ethanol Fire

You’ll no doubt have spotted the latest revolution in home fires by now – the ventless bio-ethanol fireplace. These stunning sources of heat and light don’t just look good – they also allow you to arrange your sitting room – or other spaces in your home – as never before.

Gone are the days of being restricted to having your fireplace in one location and against a wall. Now the fire are available free-standing can become literally a central focus in a room and very much a design element in itself.

NW3 Interiors Vauni Divider Bio Ethanol Fire

The Vauni Divider bio-ethanol fire

Eye-catching contemporary wall-mounted versions are also available:

NW3 Interiors Vauni Cupola Fire

The Vauni Cupola

The fact no chimney breast is required makes your fire far more mobile than ever before. This means if you move home it’s possible to take the fire with you. And if you decide to redecorate then you can simply pick up and move the fire to alter its location.

Bio-ethenol fires produce no toxic fumes

Unlike even wood burners, a bio-ethenol fire won’t emit any nasty fumes into the room when it’s lit. That’s because the clean fuel consists of simply a very small amount of water and carbon dioxide. The water won’t ruin your walls and there’s no fear of inhalation. And nor do you have to worry about soot since these fires produce only a miniscule amount.


NW3 Interiors Vauni Low Foot Bio Ethanol Fire

The Vauni Globe Low Foot

Simple to light

Those of us old enough to remember the old days of having to light a coal fire in the mornings using rolled up newspaper and firelighters can hardly believe the ease of use when it comes to lighting a bio-ethanol fire. And there’s no hassle of having to go and fetch logs or sticks for a wood burner either. No, in the case of a bio-ethanol fire it’s simply a case of pouring ethanol onto the burner and lighting it with a long burner. It takes a mere minute to light up and can easily be turned down at will.

Quality counts

You probably won’t be surprised to hear it’s always worth investing as much as you can afford in a bio-ethanol fire. Cheap copies made in China exist and that’s why, here at NW3Interiors we always go for the top of the range suppliers. All our bio-ethanol fires are manufactured by Vauni.

The Swedish company is a world-leader in the sector and produces a huge range of contemporary designs. You can see some of the smart Vauni bio-ethanol range right here at NW3Interiors.

Feel free to ask us for further information on these stunning contemporary design must-haves.

Our Five Favourite Classic Chairs of All Time

Everyone has their own favourite classic designer chair – whether it’s the sleek Mies van der Rohe Barcelona Chair (now sold exclusively by Knoll, the steel-encased leather seating of the Corbusier Petit Confort chair or Verner Panton’s classic cantilevered S-shaped version (and now sold by Vitra) – catching sight of it makes us feel happy.

Here at NW3Interiors we have our own current top 5 chairs that delight us at every turn.


Vitra DSM Chairs

NW3 Interiors Vitra DSM Chair

Why do we love the DSM chair by Charles and Ray Eames so much? Well, the chrome legs are pretty impressive (this initially resulted in it being called the ‘Eiffel’). We also like the seat itself. Made from polypropylene, it was originally constructed from fibreglass. It came to market in 1948 with a choice of four colours, today there are far more we’re delighted to say.

Knoll Tulip Armchair

NW3 Interiors Saarinen Tulip Chair

Designed by Eero Saarinen, back in the late 1950s, the Tulip Chair was a response to what the designer saw as “the slum of legs.” It comes either with or without arms and in various textiles. The American-Finnish designer and architect, who famously designed the TWA Terminal at JFK Airport, knew what he was doing when it came to chairs – he also produced the Grasshopper and the Womb chair.

Fritzhansen Series 7

NW3 Interiors Fritz Hansen Series 7 Chair

Designed by Arne Jacobsen (he of the iconic ‘Egg’ chair), the Series 7 chair comes in a lacquered or upholstered finish. Designed in 1955, the chair is four-legged and stackable. It’s actually a redesign of an earlier model by Jackobsen called Ant. An interesting aside is that this was the chair Christine Keller posed naked on in 1963 for ‘that picture’ – the image made famous following the Profumo Affair in the early 1960s.

Knoll Bertoia Side Chair

NW3 Interiors Bertoia Chair

A designer with a love for sculpture and knowledge of metalwork and ergonomics, Harry Bertoia was always going to come up with something stunning design-wise. And in 1952 it was his iconic wire side chair. The chairs are available padded and unpadded although the designer preferred the latter, having once commented: “If you look at these chairs, they are mainly made of air, like sculpture. Space passes right through them.”

Carl Hansen Wishbone chair

NW3 Interiors Wishbone Chair

And finally, we’re finishing off this post with a nod to the work of Danish designer Carl Hansen and his Wishbone chair of 1949. Another iconic number, the chair was inspired by a set of antique Chinese armchairs, and is famous for its comfort – even after an hour or two. Wegner was a fan of using simple design to create sculptural beauty. As far as we’re concerned, he certainly achieved that here.

Do any of the above make your heart race? Which one?


The Structure exhibition will run during Milan design week at the Ventura Lambrate district; arranged by Norwegian Crafts, designers’ union Klubbenand, paint manufacturer Jotun and in partnership with the Norwegian Centre for Design and Architecture. The work of 26 Norwegian Designers will be shown to showcase the Norwegian design industry.  Contributors were selected from a range of design disciplines and were invited to create objects around the theme of either “structure” or “trace”.


A set of flatware from Beller Fjetland will be on display, which was produced in partnership with Theodor Olsen Sølvvareverksted (Norway’s oldest silverware manufacturer) and hands-down my favourite from the exhibition.  The collection from Fjetland is based on an unused design from the 1950s with its shape and name taken from the leaf of the monstera plant.

See more from the exhibition below:







Photography is by Siren Laudal


7 Things I Loved This Week

7 Things I Loved This Week

April showers bring May flowers, or so I hope. Back from sunny California after holiday with the family and am happy to be back at it with showroom visits and other client work. Here are some favourite finds and inspiration from this week:


1. Temperley London Winter 2016

Temperley London entered its 15th year of business in 2015 with its founder, namesake and Creative Director Alice Temperley, MBE heading up the independent British luxury brand. Temperley creates clothes with signature, unique detailing that has made her one of the most distinctive voices in contemporary British fashion.

‘Temperley London’ is a feminine, effortless and timeless designer collection which stays true to its British Heritage. Alice pioneers artisan techniques and intricate hand worked embellishment, an aesthetic synonymous with the designer. With four ready-to-wear collections a year, Temperley London offers a comprehensive range of daywear as well as cocktail and evening.


2. Beauty At Home by Aerin Lauder

Conceived and created by AERIN founder and creative director Aerin Lauder, Beauty at Home is an intimate look at the design and decorating choices that have made Aerin a celebrated tastemaker around the world. Stunning images captured by celebrated photographer Simon Upton allow the reader an inside-look into Aerin’s homes in Manhattan and the Hamptons as well as her Madison Avenue office. With tips on everything from entertaining to art curating, Beauty at Home is an inspiring, personalized account of what it means to live beautifully.


3. Creme Cycles 2016

The ladies’ Caferacer Solo is built around a beautiful “mixte” style step-through frame with the characteristic double top tube. It has all the features you need to ride every day with speed and comfort. The unique front rack is very practical – you can keep your eyes on your precious bag at all times. Browse the models and enjoy the beautiful colours that reflect in the shiny fenders. The bike comes with a 3 speed or 7 speed internal gear hub that is clean and requires almost no maintenance.

Creme bicycles are designed and handmade in Europe. Each one is a tribute to the love for materials, details and craftsmanship. We hope that you will see these values in our bicycles and that they will bring you the same joy as they have given us.



Food forests are arguably the oldest form of gardening, generated through companion planting methods. But their importance is so much more than their history. Food forests are a way to diversify plant life through supportive planting; each plant building, supporting, and sustaining the next, each plant an important part of its created ecosystem. The system being built through food forests extends to our community as well. This form of gardening puts us back into direct contact with our needed resources, invites us to care for these resources that will in turn care for us, for our communities.

Food forests are a naturally regenerating, resilient, and effective agro-ecosystems, which can, over time, provide free, fresh food. However, food forests on New York City’s public land have been off-limits for almost a century for fear that a glut of foragers may destroy an ecosystem. But Swale imagines a different world, a different solution.

By creating a floating food forest, we create a different set of rules.

On the water, collaboration isn’t optional; to thrive, we have to work together. Swale is being designed and tested with insights from a nautical engineer, landscape architects, gardeners, artists, educators, students, and the US Coast Guard. After a one year planning and building period, Swale will function as an floating island and will be open to the public. The water is also New York’s largest commons. When we can better protect it, it can better protect us.

Together, we are re-imagining our city.

Swale brings us one step closer to transforming our city from dependence on large-scale supply chains with little accountability, to one that strives for community interdependence. It’s a call to action, a vision of what a New York City of the future could be. By bringing together groups from varying backgrounds, we will create an environment that works together to find new ideas and answers to food security.

ellsworth kelly

5. Ellsworth Kelly

Although some may say that Kelly uses the camera to simply record nature, Photographs reveals something more complex: he handles the camera not as an intermediary eye, but as an organizational tool. His compositions are meticulous and topographical; mathematical to the point of orthodoxy, his photography reveals an idiosyncratic taste for symmetry, clarity, and crispness as opposed to any reverence for abstraction for abstraction’s sake. – via hyperallergic

NW3 summer

6. Summer living with Knoll

Summer is very nearly here and it’s time to get your outdoor space ready for sunny afternoons and lazy evenings with some beautiful, iconic pieces from Knoll’s outdoor range.

These achingly modern chairs, tables and loungers have been around for over 60 years, but are still brimming with modern cool.

Beautifully made, hard wearing and versatile, most of these pieces are in stock now for delivery in two weeks.

Get in touch with us today to order the perfect combination of style and practicality for outdoor living, or arrange an appointment with Carly to go through your options and get the best possible advice. Just call Carly at 07773383530 or email her at to get started.

Here are just a few of the pieces available from us

jess brown berry sprite

7. Jess Brown | Berry Sprite Doll

Jess has always been inspired by beautiful textiles. She began making dolls for her children 15 years ago using cashmere sweaters and antique remnants. She carefully developed a line of signature handmade ragdolls based on her original doll design. Each doll is cut to order in her Northern California studio and always made using the finest materials. Jess also collaborates with several designers, creating limited edition dolls for each season

Q: Your aesthetic is so eclectic and individual, did it take you awhile to find your dollmaking style or did it just come naturally?

A: I think a combination of the two. The doll pattern took quite a while to sort out. There hadn’t been anything quite like it so I designed it to the specs I felt were important. The style and look of the doll was simpler for me. I really just wanted to blend the finest materials and a sophisticated look. I wanted to use all sorts of precious things on this very utilitarian product.

7 Things I Loved This Week

Back in London I definitely hit the ground running with some serious workouts at Heartcore in St John’s Wood! Here are my favourite things from this week:

NW3 Interiors - TRX at Heartcore in St John's Wood

1. TRX class at Heartcore in St John’s Wood – Legs, arms was fine but 15 mins of abs including ‘pike – press’ was insane! Side plank with feet in TRX out my obliques to the test! Follow them on Instagram @heartcorelife

NW3 Interiors Nail Art and Bertoia!

2. Nail art in a sophisticated way at Aura Nails on the Finchley Road (with a bit of Bertoia and sheepskin…).

NW3 Interiors - Thermomix

3. I’m loving using using my new Thermomix machine – I use it for everything and spent Wednesday evening making cookies with my daughter using it.

NW3 Interiors - Johny Hurwitz - kiss of chytrid

4. I simply love the art of Jonty Hurwitz – incredible sculpture, and such a privilege to work with when I have the opportunity.

NW3 Interiors - Belsize Village Deli - Image with thanks to

5. Belsize Village Deli

6. Zadig and Voltaire – love for their cool, soft, quality and designs – I love their Spring/Summer campaign featuring Malgosia Bela.

NW3 Interiors Harry Bromptons Iced Tea

7. Great daytime drink is Harry Brompton iced tea – mildly alcoholic – you can invite friends over the tea but serve this instead and everyone loves it!