Discover How to Create Your Perfect Christmas Table

Discover How to Create Your Perfect Christmas Table

We designed and styled our own Christmas table at the NW3 Showroom

to show you how easy it is to create a spectacular setting for the festive seasons.


Writing down our top tips and where to get inspiration from, we came up with a definitive and simple check list to help you design your dream Christmas table.

NW3 Interiors Christmas Table 3

Deciding to make it as easy as possible, meant finding local artisans and luxury suppliers as well as keeping it to a maximum of 5 suppliers. Sourcing from local suppliers means you’re supporting the little people, or smaller companies over the winter seasons and it also means you only have to go as far as Hampstead High-street! Making the experience a lot less stressful thus a lot more enjoyable, for everyone – which is what Christmas is really about!

If you’d wish to support your local NW3 Interior girls, all of the pieces from our Christmas table are also available directly from us. So if you fancy anything in the pictures, contact one of the team to discuss.

NW3 Interiors Christmas Table 7

Choose your style

Discover one style and run with it – whether it’s minimalist, modernist or culturally inspired. Find a theme you enjoy and don’t be tempted to deviate! Go to Pinterest for inspiration and decide a layout (I sketch these first) and colour palette before you buy anything. This can help prevent you ending up with a sparse or crowded table and should also mean you don’t impulse buy. In terms of trends, this year, we’re seeing lots of rich reds, strong blues and bold brass.

China and glassware

To compliment the oriental interiors at our showroom, we enjoyed using a local brand; Richard Brendon who hand makes the Willow collection (pictured) with bone china in Stoke-On-Trent. It features a lovely Asian motif and a 22 carat gold plate-edge detail, adding a bit of glamour to a timeless design. The company’s crystal glassware, meanwhile, is mouth-blown and reflects candle light beautifully around the table, creating that perfect Christmas sparkle.


We’re very lucky to have our own Borough Kitchen shop in Hampstead Hight Street, offering a vast range of festive accessories and useful utensils.

I’m always greeted with a friendly face and super service, and it’s where I source a lot of my kitchenware, napkins and cooker pans. You must pop and see their list of cooking workshops too – there’s everything from a Chinese dumplings class to a chutney making session. They make for great Christmas gifts!


This year I’ve bought our Christmas crackers from my favourite beauty boutique, SpaceNK on Hampstead High Street. The wonderful selection of mini beauty treats inside keeps everyone happy, even my dad! And they look pretty fantastic too.


The red marble table pictured is from Knoll’s new collection and sits strong in our showroom, creating a stunning base to complement the festive tableware.

Finishing touches

Polish off the table decor with pretty candle holders and stands to create a warm and cosy space with an ambient glow.

NW3 Interiors Christmas Table 6


Finally, sit back, relax and enjoy some wonderful festive food and conversation with family and friends.




One Room Design – Winter Offer

One Room Design – Winter Offer

Sprinkle Some NW3 Magic On Your Home

With Our Winter Offer


5 Step transformation!

Any chosen room in your home for a limited time only

One Room re-design at £995 including VAT



What’s Included

Design services package includes the following (budget set by client).

  • 1 x room layout (drawing or sketch)

Floor Plan and Furniture Layout Provided by NW3 Interiors

  • up to 2 options for new furniture items (maximum of 6 items)

  • 1 digital mood-board

Furniture Specification provided by NW3 Interiors

  • 1 colour scheme of upto 6 paint colours, 2 textures and 2 surface types


Colour Schemes - NW3 Interiors

  • Up to 2 options of lighting (maximum of 5 items) can be wall, floor or ceiling.

Lighting by NW3 Interiors

  • Up to 2 options of curtain or fabric recommendations

Fabric Options - NW3 Interiors

  • Up to 2 options of cushions OR accessories OR art

Additional Services Available

i. A digital visual of the space (from one angle) £495

Client Visual 3D - NW3 Interiors

ii. Product pricing with links and a quote to buy £495

We hired Carly from NW3 Interiors to design our living room and she did an amazing job, far surpassing any expectations we had of our little room. We live in a small flat in a converted Georgian house with oddly shaped rooms. We had ruled out many things for this room; storage space, dining table, L shape sofa, we thought at best we could have a 2 seater settee , some shelves and a TV.

Carly came in and within an hour had come up with a concept that we were thrilled with. When she was finished we were left with a beautifully designed room, with tasteful furniture pieces – tonnes of storage space, a gorgeous dining table and the comfiest L Shaped sofa! NW3 Interiors took care of everything from design, to ordering, deliveries and installation. They are a very professional and reliable company!

I highly recommend Carly & NW3 Interiors. You will struggle to find a better interior designer!

Amy Mann

2018, West Hampstead

Enquire About Our Winter Offer

15 + 3 =


Terms for Interior Design One Room Package Offer: 


  1. Room size maximum : 400sq ft
  2. Home visits : within 3 miles of the NW3 area unless agreed otherwise with Carly Madhvani. Maximum of 90 minutes. Travel and parking included.
  3. Limited offer : The offer is available from the 1st if November to the 1st of March where clients can purchase the package to be used in the months of November 18 through to March 2019.
  4. Excludes: This offer does not include ordering, purchasing, delivery or supplying. Although this can be offered as an additional cost service as for-mentioned.  Excludes advice for local planning or any structural works.
  5. NW3 Interiors will aim to provide you with the package contents within one week of the home visit date but this time period may be extended due to unforeseen circumstances.  This will be discussed at the initial meeting
  6. Clients will be invoiced for the full amount prior to any works. The date and time of the visit will be made once the payment is made.
  7. Package can be to enhance an existing room or for a new space.
  8. Package can be swapped for other design services as requested, this needs to be discussed and agreed before invoicing or visits commence.
  9. Email if you wish to see a package example and see our reviews for how this package has helped others.



Shop the NW3 Look – Where Lounge Meets Luxury

Shop the NW3 Look – Where Lounge Meets Luxury

Shop the look and download the latest brochures from our featured luxury brand partners below.

Interested in any of their products? Contact us to see how you could save or to book an hour design consultation.

Why we partner with super-star furniture brands

We love to introduce our clients to our luxury brand partners such as Knoll, Vitra & B&B Italia. This is for a multitude of reasons. When you compare the designs, quality and workmanship of products from these brands there really is no comparison to high-street retailers.

Our luxury brand partners are passionate about their work, committed to their designs and designers and withheld strong brand and work ethics. That’s why we visit trade shows, factories, galleries and exhibitions. We drink coffees with company directors, employees and get lost in discussions with designers and collaborators. We believe in what we do, the service we give and the products we supply.

Buy cheap – buy twice

As overwhelming as it may seem to part with a larger sum of money when you can find replicas for 50% of the price, we help our clients understand the rationale behind investment pieces. It’s a false economy to “buy cheap and buy twice”.  The future re-sale of furniture, when purchased from a world-renowned brand retains its value.  A real person looking over your hand-made piece, rather than built on a factory line is surely going to provide a a higher quality product.  A timeless classic which will be loved and enjoyed and passes on generation to generation.  When you put it like that it seems silly to us that anyone would chose the former. Timeless design classics that have withstood the test of time for over a century. They are are still considered modern today which is a an incredible achievement.

Your home deserves quality, where to start

When you buy luxury furniture you’re investing in your home, the place where we spend 40% of our lives. If that doesn’t make you want to buy furniture that withstands children spillages, caters for over 6,000 dinner parties and lasts longer than your husbands hairline then we don’t know what will!

“I regret saving to buy a timeless design classic for my home” said no-one ever.

“If there is one place to start, to really enjoy those special moments at the weekend, buy a Knoll Womb chair and footstool.  This chair has ‘wings’ which can take your coffee, newspaper or laptop.  It was designed in the 60’s and now has new fillings to ensure it’s super comfortable for hours.  Place in a corner, along with a reading lamp to really maximise the experience. ” Says Carly Madhvani, Director of NW3 Interiors.

View the womb chair and stool in teal fabric, in this lounge image showcasing our Autumn Trends 2018 below.  You’re welcome to take a seat.

If you want to find out why it’s important to buy quality furniture and how to make the most of luxury interiors in your home contact us now.

Watch Our Video For 6 Easy Steps

The World Of Interiors – A Note to Our Clients

The World Of Interiors – A Note to Our Clients

Dear past, present and potential clients,

NW3 Interiors Feature in World of Interiors Magazine



If you happen to flick through the latest World of Interiors magazine you will see our feature in the ‘Interiors Index’ This was an opportunity to showcase our company and all of its wonderful-ness. We are so proud of what we have achieved in the years we have been open and are forever thankful for the support and loyalty of our clients who entrust us with changing the way the live and feel in their homes. Creating beautiful and practical homes to make our clients lives easier and more enjoyable is at the heart of all we do.


Being included in a magazine amongst other world renowned designers, we feel pays tribute to the efforts we put in to creating dream homes. We are forever purchasing new interior magazines for inspiration, to keep up with new trends and designs as well as familiarising ourself with new talents so we can pass on these little luxuries to our clients and into our projects. One of our go-to’s is World of Interiors – for obvious reasons! The iconic brand have developed a strong identity in the interiors world (wonder how they came up with the magazine name …hmm)

NW3 Interiors Feature in World of Interiors Magazine

To be able to place ourselves in a luxury interiors directory says something in itself and we will never not be grateful for this alongside other furniture brands we partner ourselves with, such as Knoll, Vitra, B&B Italia & Moooi. Our passion, dedication and commitment is what we pride ourselves on and even though this may seem like a small step, this is a reflection on progress (we think anyway!)

So thank you and please feel free to spread the word of NW3 Interiors! (oh and maybe buy a copy of the latest World of Interiors mag!)

Why Midcentury Design Is Still Considered Modern

Why Midcentury Design Is Still Considered Modern

When we get some spare time we like to read interior magazines, trawl through pinterest and read blogs from our favourite interior bloggers. We receive millions (slight exaggeration) of newsletters a day showcasing new products, design and styles. It’s both exciting and intriguing to watch the world of design move at such a fast pace alongside fashion and technology. Creatives diving head first into projects, exploring new concepts and ideas to provide us with new collections almost seasonally. 

Hans and Florence Knoll

More often then not the inspiration is drawn from cultural and geographical influences as well as delving into past movements and design that already exists. People realise the value that previous designs hold, exploring a vast catalogue of ideas that ‘made it’, so to speak or didn’t come to fruition perhaps because of the technology available at the time, materials or a simple glitch in the design, frees up a world of unexplored territory. Utilising designs and bringing them into them into a modern day setting and seeing that the design still holds true to its values of modernity is what allows us to refer to key pieces and designers as ‘iconic’ and timeless’. Such values are attributed to many of the designs and designers from our brand-partners, Knoll, Fritz Hansen, Vitra & Cassina. 




The latest design fad or craze is always built on temporary appeal, not longevity and timelessness such as Pantone’s colour of the year. We get told that the colour of the year is orange, and we think great! I shall paint my bathroom orange, we paint our bathroom orange, a year later they announce, the colour of the year is yellow and you still have an orange bathroom. Suggesting to someone that you can buy furniture now, that was designed in the 60’s and is still be manufactured exactly to it’s original license and it would look perfectly at home in your own is apparently quite bemusing to some. That’s what makes midcentury design so special. It never loses its value, both economically and emotionally.



On this premise, we did some research to find out whom and where midcentury design is still relevant. Luckily for us we didn’t have to look that far, as we stumbled on this incredible 1930’s home, almost untouched since it’s construction on The Modern House right up the road from our showroom in NW3. Designed by Austrian-German architect Hermann Zweigenthal, a friend and colleague of Bauhaus founder Walter Gropius, in 1938 this incredible property came into existence. Left undisturbed, it’s astonishing to see midcentury design look so, well, cool! The warmth of the wood tones all over the home and the featured classics such as the leather egg chair designer by Arne Jacobsen in 1958, the original Royal Storage System for which DK3 now hold the license in the upstairs bedroom, the gold PH Pendant by Poul Henningsen also designed in 1958 are all still classic pieces used today. Chevron flooring seen throughout the homes living space has made a comeback in design also within recent few months. Showing how poignant and influential midcentury design is in the 21st century still. See if you can spot them in the photos of the home below.



Maresfield Gardens, NW3


Flicking through various other luxury properties we can see other iconic designs such as Bertoia chairs for Knoll, Noguchi coffee tables, Wishbone chairs disseminated over the interiors of these wonderful homes in London. Proving yet again, the importance of investing in timeless quality pieces and how they will help your home stand the test of time. If they can last almost a century, I find it hard to believe we would ever see the back of these wonderful and whimsical pieces. 

If you’d like some help choosing and deciding on which pieces to invest in your home, or for styling advice, contact NW3 Interiors.