Design Et Al Awards Shortlisted

Design Et Al Awards Shortlisted

Design et Al Shortlisted for our Regents Park Penthouse Project.


NW3 Interiors are proud to announce that their Regents Park Penthouse Project has been shortlisted for the Design et Al UK Living Space award. ‘For over a decade, The International Design & Architecture Awards, hosted by design et al magazine have supported the global interior design and architecture industry and brought together an elite group of the world’s leading design names.’ – Design et Al.

‘What does receiving this award mean to you?’

North Gate Interiors Project - Dining Area

Being shortlisted for such a prestigious award is a great feeling. We love to choose beautiful pieces for our favourite brand to create beautiful and practical homes for our clients. To have that recognised for an international award makes us even more proud of our work. Endless days, long nights and a lot of hard work goes into providing timeless spaces in short time frames. This project specifically, as we were given such a small amount of time to work with. However, this project was one of the first, if not only project where we were given free rein with our choices and designs. Because of this we were able to create something that was a true reflection of our design abilities. Showcasing what we can do when we’re offered the chance.


‘What was your inspiration behind the Regents Park Penthouse Project?’

North Gate Interiors Project - Living Area. Read more on our interior design styles and advice journal from the team at NW3 Interiors.

Our inspiration for the design was initiated by the client originally. When we had our first meeting, the client came fully prepared with clippings and cut outs from magazines with a selection of her favourite pieces. We were immediately able to recognise the collections she had chosen from a handful of our favourite brand partners such as Knoll, Gubi and B&B Italia. We were a good match from the start! Our client specified that she wanted to bring colour and prints into the space as it was a fairly neutral base palette. Being Indian, her and her husband enjoyed rich colours and tones, and interesting patterns. We wanted to provide this for the space, while retaining the period charm. Utilising the pink from the iconic chandeliers in the space we chose

‘Which were your favourite pieces supplied in the project?’

Barcelona Day Bed - North Gate Interiors Project

That’s a tough one! I wouldn’t say we had any specific favourite pieces, as they all were! Because we were given control over the project, it meant that we were able to supply a handful of our favourite pieces from a selection of our top luxury brand partners. The pieces we included such as the Florence Knoll Sofa, Barcelona Day Bed, Saarinen Conference Chair, Bronze Platner Coffee Table, Grasshopper Dining Table and Red Baron bookcase from Knoll. Alongside the Gubi Beetle dining chairs, Tidal Rug from The Rug Company and decorations from Amara Living. All of which have been our favourite choices for quite some time. It was a wonderful opportunity to be able to collate them together in one project.


‘When can we expect to find out the result?’

Platner Table in Bronze - North Gate Interiors Project

All Design et Al shortlisted entrants are required to send representatives to the awards ceremony, the ceremony will be held in London, September 2020. So keep an eye out for us sharing the link to vote for our project. We can’t wait and we’ll be sure to keep you in the loop on our newsletters and socials!

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The Interior Powers Of 2020 Pantone Classic Blue

The Interior Powers Of 2020 Pantone Classic Blue

Every year Pantone release their ‘Colour of the Year’ and so far, we haven’t been very lucky. Bright purples and sharp coral pinks have blessed our screens but not our daily lives at NW3 Interiors. So it’s about time there was a colour we DO love. And what better way to start the new decade than with a classic blue. One of our all time faves and a regular feature in our projects, this calming yet powerful blue colour is one we factor in frequently.

Pantone Classic Blue


The colour blue has been shown to lower blood pressure and heart rate. So it’s not surprising that blue is a frequently used colour in homes and places of tranquility. Associated with calming elements such as the ocean and the sky, it can be used to promote feelings of serenity anywhere in the home.

In Our Showroom

We used Farrow & Balls ‘Stiffkey Blue’ in the hallway at NW3 Interiors showroom. It gives the feeling of being submerged at the bottom of the ocean. A deep blue surround warmed by golden accents and warm lighting. Additional natural aspects have been added in details, such as painted white birds, sheepskin and plants. Everyone always comments on the elegance of the space and we would have to agree.


Hallway - NW3 Interiors Showroom - North London Interior Design

Hallway - NW3 Interiors Showroom


In Our Projects

No colour’s popularity has endured like blue has. It can be warm or cool and is consistently soothing and refreshing. But today’s blue rooms are more than just relaxing; they’re daring, bold spaces where the colour is explored and used to create depth and interest. Take our Primrose Hill House Project for example. A classic period home in the heart of Primrose Hill and yet the whole space feels like a different world right from the first step through the front door. A sweeping wall of blue guides you into the open plan space. A mixture of blue hues and warm woods transport to a contemporary meets midcentury haven.

Interior Designer in North London - Belsize Park, Hamstead, Primrose Hill and Camden


Online Presence

We’ve seen the use of blue become really popular and even though it’s Pantones Colour of the Year 2020. We feel it might have been influence by the surge in blue kitchens that have overwhelmed our social media platforms including instagram and Pinterest. This was likely a revolt against the ominous grey interiors that everyone was accustomed to seeing so frequently. It was as though the every single kitchen designer in the world met one morning and decided that they were absolutely not going to use ANY colour but a classic blue in 2019. But I mean, can we blame them?

Blue kitchen design


How We Style It

Although it is a calming colour, dark blue is often associated with sadness, so it can be tricky to incorporate into a home. If doing so, remember to balance out the colour with warm tones that add a homely effect rather than making a space feel cold. You can pair it with warm woods such as oak and walnut. Or combine it with powerful metallics such as brass and copper. As well as incorporating lighter elements such as salt or calacatta marble.

Blue Mood Board NW3


Will you be incorporating blue into your home this year?

Love, NW3 x

How Very Very Marble-ous!

How Very Very Marble-ous!

Just as there are over 150 shades of white… yes…150 shades of WHITE. There are just as many colours shades and tones of marble. Varying on region and which mountain it was cut from, no wonder it’s so expensive! You can’t get the real deal anywhere else other than the motherland.

Whilst you have your classic shades of white, it also comes in rich greens and reds, warm soft natural beige and brown tones. As well as electric blues and marbleous pinks. The colours are mesmerising, but nowhere near as captivating as the patterns that decorate the base palette. Swirling, twirling, wrapping, zipping and zig-zagging, like lightning bolts or tiny flowing rivers, falling off the smooth cut edges like something out of a Dr Seuss book. There really is nothing like it.

Recently there was a feature in  LIVINGETC on the 36 best marble coffee tables.  Here we list some of the highlights from this article.

Why choose a marble coffee table?

For the majority of us, a marble coffee table is probably going to be an investment purchase. They often cost a bit more than a wooden coffee table due to the material being rarer, heavier, and harder to work with in terms of creating furniture. But there’s a reason it’s a go-to favourite for interior designers: With its ability to take on a highly polished finish, marble is a luxurious, decorative material, but it’s also reassuringly solid. Marble furniture pieces add elegance and sophistication, they are hard-wearing, long-lasting, and will last for generations and generations. They keep their value, they have an elegant, timeless quality to them – plus each slab offers its own unique pattern of veining, making every piece one-of-a-kind.

“A marble coffee table is a great accent piece for any space because they are the perfect blend of toughness and luxury, while the materiality adds moments of movement and texture,” Kelly Wearstler explains.

What to consider before investing in a marble coffee table

Marble coffee tables need careful maintenance due to the porous nature of the marble, but if cared for properly, a piece of marble furniture can outlast all other furniture. A beautiful marble tabletop will allow even the most modern coffee table design to sit in a traditional interior. It’s also a piece of furniture that’s pivotal to a living room scheme and deserves careful consideration.

How to choose the right size marble coffee table for your space

Height-wise, your coffee table should sit at around the same height as the seat/cushions on your sofa, give or take two inches. Any more and you risk the space looking and feeling just a little off. In terms of length, the ideal coffee table will be at least half the length of your sofa (but no more than roughly ⅔ the length). For corner sofas and L-shaped sofas, you’ll want the coffee table to be around ⅔ the length of the longest part. This will ensure that no matter where you sit, you’ll always be able to reach the tabletop.

Finally, Consider connecting the surfaces of the room together, by either matching the coffee table with a sideboard or existing fireplace or having a pair of matching side tables.

My style rule book for a harmonious home is a third pattern, a third plain and a third textured. Previous to purchase I would ensure the space isn’t already overloaded with patterns, as I like marble space to breathe and take centre stage.

Our Favourite Marble Coffee Table’s

The curved edges of an oval or round marble coffee table can soften the feel of a room that has lots of straight lines, plus it allows for a better flow in a high-traffic space. Oval or round marble coffee tables can also appear to use less space and can look less clunky than rectangular ones.

These are the best oval-shaped marble coffee tables…


1. Knoll Tulip Oval Coffee Table

Designed in 1957 by Eero Saarinen, the Knoll Tulip Oval Coffee Table is both elegant and modern. Widely recognised and a favourite among interior designers, it became an instant design classic. The Knoll Tulip table collection is vast in size and marble top types as there are 10 colours of marble. This is where I source most of my marble coffee, side and dining tables. I love how the edge is disguised as a thin detail.

“Without a doubt, the most popular marble coffee table is the Saarinen Tulip Oval Coffee Table from Knoll as it has the most iconic and instantly recognisable silhouette making it a true classic,” says Campbell Thompson, Head of Furniture and Lighting for The Conran Shop.



2. Knoll Platner Cofee Table

Designed in  1966, by Warren Platner,  the Platner Collection captured the “decorative, gentle, graceful” shapes that were beginning to infiltrate the modern vocabulary. The iconic coffee table, which creates a focal point in any modern living room, is created by welding hundreds of curved steel rods to circular frames, simultaneously serving as structure and ornament.




Step Inside The Jaw-Dropping Eglon House

Step Inside The Jaw-Dropping Eglon House

Eglon House

Eglon House


Eglon House

A tiled floor that drops six feet at the push of a button to become a swimming pool? That’s a way to convert your basement you probably hadn’t thought of before.

The original Mayfair Recording Studio in London’s Primrose Hill was surrounded by neighbouring properties on all four sides, which could not be encroached upon during the redevelopment of the site – the construction of Eglon House. With an investment of £6M, the 1200 sq m building is a feat of engineering. A 2.1×2.1m high door was the only access point to the site, which was to feature a four-storey working and living space with a basement and courtyard. With a desire to minimise any movement to the existing perimeter walls, to speed up the construction programme and enable the site to always be accessible during the build, Symmetrys adopted a ‘top down’ construction method to revolutionise the space.


Eglon HouseContiguous piles were installed adjacent to the boundary walls to form new perimeter walls, allowing Symmetrys to build from the ground up while the basement was being simultaneously cut. This ensured the most cost-efficient solution, as the structure could be built quickly, reducing labour costs, as well as the use of materials being more efficient.

The result is an architectural homage to one of the most celebrated buildings in Paris – the Maison de Verre, or House of Glass, in the 7th arrondissement. It brings industrial materials to a domestic setting, incorporating life, work and art in to one structure. The original moulds for the glass have been recast to recreate the façade of one half of the building, and Parisian sofas have been recreated to fit the structure perfectly. Many other features, including the lift and cinema room, have all been made in Britain. However, the stand-out feature is the swimming pool, which emerges as a large tiled floor descends six feet and becomes inundated.


Eglon House

Eglon House also incorporates several sustainable design features, including two green roofs and living green walls, aiming to reduce urban heat island effects, improve biodiversity in the area and provide an attractive view for neighbours. The home also makes use of solar photovoltaic panels at roof level, providing energy to the grid and solar thermal panel to provide hot water. In turn, this will result in a 30% carbon reduction at minimum, compared to the 2006 Part L baseline regulation.

The residential property boasts five bedrooms, two kitchens, two double-height reception rooms and an expanse of unallocated space that could be given a myriad of purposes, being used for work, private collections or entertainment. NW3 Interiors absolutely love the transformation that has occurred on this project and we were blown away when we first saw shots of Eglon House.



Eglon House

Eglon House by architectural photographer Joas Souza for Homes & Property 

NW3 Interiors x Knoll

NW3 Interiors x Knoll

NW3 Interiors x Knoll


Marc Krusin Dining Chair from Knoll

Marc Krusin Dining Chair from Knoll

In our NW3 blog this week, we are happy to highlight our longstanding relationship with Knoll and touch on our status as being the only independent authorised Knoll Dealer in the UK. Pretty cool, right?

Starting at the beginning, Carly identifies Knoll as responsible for starting her passion for iconic, quality design. Knoll, known for quality, luxurious feel, high standards of production, and a variety of ranges, is closely aligned in their ethos to that of which NW3 Interiors has now built its reputation. This relationship isn’t in its honeymoon phase either – it’s been 20 years in the making! So, when Carly discusses and advises on Knoll collections and design, potential suitors can be sure that Carly knows what she is talking about.


Authorised Knoll Dealer - NW3 Interiors
Through Carly’s existing relationship with the global powerhouse, NW3 Interiors can provide a host of benefits for those looking to access Knoll collections. As an independent, Carly will visit your home to ensure that colours work with your existing furniture and home setup and can also visit the Knoll showroom with potential clients to see the KnollStudio Collection, or can demonstrate the furniture in the NW3 interiors showroom if more convenient. Not only can NW3 provide an understanding of how to specify design classics from Knoll, but Carly can also provide competitive pricing on Knoll furniture
re. If you are looking for Knoll furniture, NW3 can support you through your whole journey.

There are a range of Knoll stockists, from The Conran Shop to Skandium, Heal’s to Haus, who can all provide excellent support when choosing Knoll furniture. But NW3’s independent touch can provide a unique experience. When referencing Carly, Alioscia Re, Knoll Showroom Manager, said “You are so enthusiastic about Knoll, really love and appreciate the products. You are the best ambassador.” That endorsement speaks for itself


Visit our showroom in Belsize Park to view our collection of Knoll furniture.

The Knoll showroom is based in Old Street where Knoll showcases most of their ranges
including sofas, dining tables, outdoor furniture, coffee tables, chaises, lounge chairs, footstools, desks, office chairs, and office desks. It is by appointment only so if you would like to arrange a visit or if you’d like to come and visit the NW3 Interiors showroom where we also showcase Knoll furniture, please get in touch.