Why We Love Piero Lissoni

Why We Love Piero Lissoni

Master of Modern Design

You may recognise the name. Or you may not. But Piero Lissoni is one of the most influential and prevalent designers of our time. Alongside collections for Knoll, Lissoni has also designed pieces for other international brands such as, Alessi, Antrax, B&B, Bonacina1889, Cappellini, Cassina, Cotto, Fantini, Flos, Glas Italia, Golran, Illy, Janus et Cie, Kartell, Kerakoll, Knoll, Nerosicilia, Olivari, Salvatori, Tecno, Viccarbe.

His eye for detail, structure and classic material combinations make his pieces incredibly distinct. Throughout his career as a designer he has developed a unique style which is supported by Knoll’s innovative manufacturing techniques. Creating timeless collections to be enjoyed in residential spaces for years to come. Lissoni’s collections for Knoll have been a wonderful addition to the brands already iconic catalogue of furniture. We couldn’t wait to feature them in our showroom and supply them for our lovely North London clients. Take a look below to see how we utilised a handful of Lissoni’s latest pieces.


Our Projects


Matrioska Credenza

Library Room - Highgate Family Home Project

Our clients in Highgate were lovers of iconic furniture and design. When we met them they already possessed an eye for design. Especially Andrei who frequently offered up suggestions for specific pieces to use throughout the home. It wasn’t until further into the design we noticed a reoccurring theme. All of the pieces Andrei was sending through were designs by Piero Lissoni. Of course, we were happy to supply these beautiful pieces. One of the favourites was the use of the Matrioska credenza which we love but hadn’t found a suitable project, until Highgate. It was the perfect storage piece and tied in all the colours of the room.


Red Baron Book Case

Red Baron - Knoll


One of our all time favourite pieces is the Red Baron bookcase. Designed to resemble a famous German fighter plane in the first World War. This incredible piece is a mixture of elegance and an industrial aesthetic. The fighter plane wings inspired the levels of shelving. Balancing the elegance and fragility of glass, with the rugged sturdiness of wood to mimic the design of the plane.

‘From the preliminary design to the manufacture of the finished product, the initial idea of the architect Piero Lissoni has become reality thanks to the expertise of Knoll, with its ability to develop innovative solutions. By combining parts that gradually become lighter, tapering into a slender sheet of metal rendered sophisticated by the almost imperceptible thickness and by the finish itself.’ – Knoll


Since its release in 2018 the Red Baron has been a hit with our clients. Providing adequate storage space or being utilised as a room divider for larger spaces. It featured in three of our main projects in 2019.

Finchley Apartment - Interiors Project

We first supplied the book case for our wonderful client in Frognal. A luxurious, eclectic apartment with Asian influences. The main reading room needed more shelving space to house ornaments and books.

North Gate Interiors Project - Dining Area

Then we supplied the book case for our re-design of the period Regent’s Park Penthouse. Which sat beautifully at the back of the dining space. Slotting perfectly in the centre of the panelling. Providing a space to decorate and dress.

Lounge Design - BB Italia

The final project was our St Johns Wood Family Home project, where the shelving was utilised as a room divider for the extra long lounge space. Our clients wanted to separate the space to create an adult lounge space in front of the fire. While having a space at the back for the boys to play table tennis. What ceases to amaze is the ability to put the shelving in any interior context. It pairs beautifully with any styling design and looks effortlessly chic.


Grasshopper Dining Table

Dining Area - Highgate Family Home Project

The grasshopper dining table was an incredible addition to one of Lissoni’s latest Knoll collections. Designed and inspired by, you guessed it, a grasshopper; these tables come with delicate legs and an almost impossibly thin marble top. Creating a slender and almost transparent piece from a side view. This was perfect for our Highgate project. The kitchen/dining space had huge floor to ceiling glass sliding doors which were chosen to frame the outdoor space.

There was a continuous view of this which started from the entrance at the front of the house. It was important to the client that we find a thin table to refrain from obstructing the view. Thus, we decided on the Grasshopper table from Knoll. The huge red marble surface added a whole new layer on interest in the space, working to reflect the outdoor greenery on its surface.


Our Showroom

Our showroom is home to some of the most iconic pieces in luxury furniture. Forever housing our favourite mid-century designs under one roof to showcase the incredible quality and longevity of the designs. We open the showroom to clients and potential clients so they can experience them first hand.

Welcome to the NW3 Interiors Showroom

Our first Piero Lissoni piece was our stunning red marble coffee table from the Grasshopper collection. Eventually, we decided to opt for the rich red marble top which has a combination of green, purple and white veining throughout.

Red Baron - NW3 Interiors

When Knoll also released his KN Chair collections we purchase a new KN Chair in an on-trend blush thick fabric. With the additional reclining feature, this became a favourite late night whisky drinking spot in front of the fire. Finally, we just had to get our hands on a Red Baron bookcase for our showroom during our latest re-design of the space. Since it was such a hit with clients it felt necessary to have one ourselves. Not that we needed an excuse to show it off!

Want to discuss a Piero Lissoni piece? Or would you like us to send you a brochure on the collections? Contact us here.



Exquisite Design & Jewellery: Come With Us To The House of Garrard, Mayfair

Exquisite Design & Jewellery: Come With Us To The House of Garrard, Mayfair

Do you follow us on Instagram? We shared a sneak peek of us about our day at House of Garrard. We were invited for afternoon tea plus an exclusive tour of their Mayfair flagship store. Garrard are steeped in heritage and have a history of gorgeous, bespoke design. Plus, they’re commissioned by Royalty! So naturally we adore Garrard. So much so that Carly has a stunning ring from their Wings Embrace collection.

Garrard invited us along for afternoon tea and for a tour around their recently refurbished flagship store in Mayfair.

Stunning diamond ring.


Garrard Design Considerations


Firstly, House of Garrard is the longest serving jeweller in the world. They can be traced back to 1735. Furthermore, HRH The Prince of Wales appointed Garrard a Royal Warrant as Goldsmiths and Silversmith. Today Garrard calls London’s Mayfair its home. Our visit to the plush 24 Albemarle Street flagship store brought us the opportunity to browse collections and experience history at first hand. Most importantly the building itself has witnessed many moments. Can you believe they created Queen Mary’s consort crown in 1911? Still today Garrard design and craft their jewellery on site.

Most recently, to mark their engagement, HRH Prince William gave Catherine Middleton a family heirloom. He gave his mother’s sapphire and diamond cluster ring. This Garrard design is a cluster setting featuring a Ceylon sapphire of singular beauty. Then 14 solitaire diamonds surround the Sapphire. In fact, the stone and setting is a design that can be traced back to another royal jewel of the past. Prince Albert gave a sapphire and diamond cluster brooch to Queen Victoria on their wedding day in 1840.


Carly in her crown. Garrard invited us along for afternoon tea and for a tour around their recently refurbished flagship store in Mayfair.


Our Day With Garrard


However, in keeping with the times the store has recently undergone a refurbishment. So during our visit we saw the new layout. It’s stunning! There are new cabinets and displays. Even the walls are updated with soft padding. The window displays have laser cut patterns and the iconic red branding is throughout. After that everything has been carefully restored in keeping with it’s listed building status. While we were there we enjoyed Champagne, afternoon tea and even tried on some incredible jewellery! We were told that every Garrard design is handcrafted in the studio. So that includes jewellery suites to tiaras, headdresses to brooches. Design, craftsmanship and the most beautiful of natural materials combine to capture a spirit that is uniquely British.

Overall, we see many similarities with the way we do business. Firstly Garrard take time to consider how and when a piece will be worn. Just like we do with each piece of furtniture. Plus they also consider the ways in which it might adapt to different occasions. This process ensures that every piece of jewellery in a collection is both eye-catching. Also wearable. It is similar to how exquisite furniture and design is attractive and useable for our clients.





Creative Direction

At Garrard we met Sara Prentice. She has been the Creative Director at Garrard since 2012. Sara has spent over twenty years in the industry. She graduated with a degree in jewellery design from the University of Creative Arts. To date she has worked closely with clients to make one-off, bespoke creations. Plus she has developed ranges that have achieved great commercial success. Like us, she believes that luxury should be comfort and elegance. Finally, what we love most about Garrard is that many of the traditional skills, tools and techniques from the past are still in use. Recently they have  launched an extension to our Albemarle collection and you can see it here on their  website.

We love checking out the stunning collections. Have you visited Garrard? What do you think?

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Travel Interior Inspiration With The Affluence

Travel Interior Inspiration With The Affluence

Travel Inspiration In Collaboration With The Affluence


Hello! So, if you follow us over on our Instagram you’ll know we love a spot of travel. Especially to places with interesting interior and design. Even better if it’s sustainable too. So we jumped at the chance to team up with The Affluence to bring you our favourite properties from all around the world that have incredible interior.


The Affluence is a luxury tailor-made travel and concierge service. They offer customers a discreet and rare personal service. All with a focus on exclusivity, privacy and quality. Like us they believe that it’s all in the detail. Those small touches, perfectly aligned with your personal tastes and attuned to your exact needs. They believe there is no such thing as a trivial request. If it’s significant to you, it’s important to them. It’s why we love them so much. We think The Affluence are spot on with their curation of hotels and accommodation. Especially when it comes to superb interior design. So here’s our edit of the best places to stay for great interior design. Together with writing team of Papertyper we’ve have chosen these properties based on their design, amenities, location and their overall appeal. We hope you enjoy learning about them overall as much as we enjoyed writing about it.


Travel Inspiration

Schgaguler Hotel in South Tyrol

Travel NW3 Interiors Travel Inspiration

 Travel - NW3 Interiors Travel InspirationFirstly, the Schgaguler Hotel. This beautiful hotel is situated in the mountain village of Castelrotto near the Seiser Alm and the Val Gardena. The Schgaguler was built in 1986 and renovated in 2018.  Above all it’s timeless, alpine style with reduced aesthetic creates an authentic sense of well-being. It’s truly beautiful. Today, the building is a simple and charming boutique hotel in the heart of the Dolomites. In short, it’s a definite bucket list destination.



Travel to l’Hôtel, Marrakech


Travel - NW3 Interiors Travel Inspiration

Travel - NW3 Interiors Travel Inspiration


Second is L’Hotel Marrakech. It’s owned by Jasper Conran so you know it’s going to be great! L’Hôtel Marrakech is a privately owned Riad. It’s set in the heart of the ‘red city’s’ Medina. This historic 19th century riad, originally the central part of a Caidal palace, comprises five spacious suites. All surrounding a uniquely wide courtyard garden and swimming pool. The charming retreat combines delicious food, great comfort and service. All the while capturing the elegance of hotels of the1930s. The riad combines superb Moroccan craftsmanship. It includes pieces of antique furniture, textiles, lighting and art from his collection, making it feel more like a home than a hotel.


Travel: The Jaffa Hotel, Tel Aviv



Travel   Travel

In addition is The Jaffa. The Jaffa is a new Luxury Collection Hotel in Tel Aviv. It’s a 5-star property set within a restored 19th century complex. It once housed Jaffa’s French Hospital but now brings Israel’s leading luxury lifestyle hotel to life. John Pawson’s combines signature minimalist style with custom furniture and sumptuous beds. Not forgetting lavish bathrooms and luxurious amenities. They present the fine comforts of a lifestyle hotel. The Jaffa provides a perfect blend of service, style, and state-of-the-art luxury. To sum it up, an urban resort surrounded by the city’s most fashionable neighbourhood.


Maison de la Luz, New Orleans





On the other hand we have Maison de la Luz. It’s is a distinctive new guest house from Atelier Ace. Above all, it finds beauty in the curious. With 67 suites, private sanctuaries and bespoke concierge service, Maison de la Luz is a lighthouse for the senses. Not to mention a reverent of elegance, irreverent of convention and marked by generosity of spirit. It’s designed in partnership with Studio Shamshiri. So if you love colour and appreciate great design, in short,  this one is for you.


Palazzo Daniele, Puglia



Design  Inspired Designs

Here is where minimalism meets majesty. Each of the 9 suites represent a timeless experience. It’s where contemporary art, 150 years of history, and design coexist with monastic décor, minimal furnishings, bare walls and vaulted frescos ceilings.

 It has been reshaped by the Milanese duo Ludovica and Roberto Palomba. The property is inspired by the idea of absence. It is stripped back as much as possible while restoring historical features. There is also contemporary art all around the property. Artworks and minimalist designed furnitures are combined in all rooms. Art pieces become functional. Such as the light box of Simon D’Exea illuminating most of the rooms. Or the rain shower installation in a bathroom where the shower is replaced by an archaic source of water falling from a 6 meter high ceiling in a large basin designed by Andrea Sala. Additionally, you can learn so much more about the design here.

Travel to Proper Santa Monica, LA




Design Inspiration

Next is this gorgeous hotel. The property’s located along sun-drenched Wilshire Boulevard in Santa Monica. It’s within walking distance to the beach too. Each of the 271 rooms, suites and spaces are influenced by the ocean breezes and natural light. So, the interior design includes organic tones and textures of the local coastline. Santa Monica Proper marries the design of Kelly Wearstler with a 1920’s era- landmark building and new contemporary architecture. It is really beautiful. Plus! Guests can also take in the panoramic views from the only rooftop pool deck in Santa Monica. There are three dining options. Finally, guests can also indulge in a treatment in the first-ever Surya Ayurvedic Hotel Spa.


La Granja, Ibiza

Ibiza Inspiration




Finally, we have La Granja. It’s set among Ibiza’s pastoral inlands and is run in collaboration with Friends of a Farmer. It’s an association devoted to art, crops and gardens. Furthermore the property doesn’t only embrace the heritage of the farmhouse. It also has a connection to the land, all the while honouring rustic simplicity. Not to mention growth and decay, modesty and transience. It includes a nine-bedroom farmhouse, a freestanding, two-bedroom guesthouse, a pool and kitchen. It’s peaceful and back to nature. To conclude, sustainability is at the heart of this place. And that’s something to be admired.

So for more information on any of the destinations head to TheAffluence.co.uk.
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Ask The Experts: We’re Sharing our Home Interior Tips

Ask The Experts: We’re Sharing our Home Interior Tips

Secrets and tips by Carly and Molly…

Thank you all so much for your lovely feedback on our Instagram at the moment. We are really enjoying creating content and doing something a little different. Now for the secrets. As interior designers, we’re asked by friends, family and even followers for our interior secrets and tips. Whether you want to make your house into a beautiful home or you just want to refresh an area, we hope you find these useful.



Please tell us, what is the best way of making a space look bigger?

Carly says the secret is having “furniture on legs… as high as possible”. Why? Well it’s because sofas and beds which reach the floor don’t allow for flow. Where there is space under an item of furniture, it creates space and air flow. She continues, “a great example of a ‘floating furniture feeling’ is the Michel Sofa by B&B Italia and also the new Pia dining chair by DK3 as they have the additional feature of a ‘stiletto’ narrow leg, which adds to the space saving style.” 

For Molly, her secret is to declutter. She suggests buying Marie Kondo’s ‘The life changing magic of tidying up’ and ditching all of the things that you don’t need. William Morris once said, ‘Have nothing in your house that you do not know to be useful, or believe to be beautiful’. Molly says that this motto has proved helpful every time she does an annual over-haul.



What are your tips for making a house a home?

Carly says that it’s most important to create a colour palette which works with your personality. She continues, ‘there is a lovely book titled ‘The Little Book of Colour’ by Karen Haller. Each chapter has practical examples colour tones, which make us feel happy, or secure.” So what Carly is saying is that if you get the balance right, you will enjoy your home to the fullest.

Molly’s secret are candles and diffusers. She says, “the way your home smells is important, it brings a sense of place and familiarity. Also candles are great for a relaxing ambience.” Secondly, Molly advises to be mindful of layers. She continues, “add layers to a space with textiles, cushions, blankets, throws & curtains. Making a space cosy and comfortable will have you running to get home after a long day.” Finally, Molly says not to be influenced by other opinions but to “work with a style you love and stick to it. Your home should be personal to you. No one else.”




Readers want to know, what are your bedroom must haves and where you get your favourites from?

For Carly it’s silk sheets by Ginger Lily. Soft and luxe and help keep away eye age lines! (So she is lead to believe anyway…). Secondly, a mirror which is lit, so applying make-up is a doddle even when you’re in a mad-rush. Carly purchased Simplehuman Sensor freestanding mirror for her dressing table (and not a lash is out of place!). Finally, a super soft rug under your feet. It’s so that every time you have to drag yourself out of bed you immediately land on luxury.  Carly loves The Rug Company as their range is vast and they collaborate with a few of her favourite female designers, ie Kelly Weastler.
Molly says that for her, bedding is SO important. Her bedsheets are a high thread count eco-cotton from Whisper Sleep, so she can sleep well and feel good. Secondly, she believes in a pillows & a duvet. She comments, “you spend half your life in bed so it’s worth investing in. I always have goose feather and down and have so many pillows that my bed is now legally considered a giant marshmallow”. . Finally, candles. She says, “I absolutely love the candles from st.eval, the ‘Embers’ sent smells like a real log fire and it’s delicious this time of year.”


Our Top Beautiful AND Sustainable Brands

Our Top Beautiful AND Sustainable Brands

Who knew sustainable living could be so beautiful?

Scrolling through Instagram, Facebook and Twitter viewing abandoned turtles stuck in plastic and desperately attempting to ‘do your bit’ for our environment? Then take a look at our  top picks  of sustainable furniture pieces for your home:

Jennifer Manners


Their /re/PURPOSE Collection, the very first of its kind, is a sustainable approach to timeless rugs. Comprised of uniquely plush recycled plastic, these hand-knotted rugs are a luxurious yet eco-conscious solution to the need for hard-wearing and stain-resistant rugs. Discarded polyethylene components – that would otherwise find their way into the ocean or landfill – are processed using heat and water (then itself recycled) to create a surprisingly soft and robust yarn. Its fine, matte appearance is almost indistinguishable from wool. However, the inherent qualities of the recycled plastic fibre offer even greater durability, resisting accidental spills and fading as well as being bleach cleanable.

Sustainable and durable: we like to think this collection is for Sustainable Living and for life.


Jennifer Manners re/Purpose rug Sustainable Living


Mies van der Rohe, (a German-American architect) began to pave the way for furniture design back in the 1920’s. It was after introducing the Knoll Barcelona Chair, a piece which is often an example of a family heirloom being passed from generation to generation. Like my mother will gift to me someday. Little did Van der Rohe realise though, that the form and structure of this beautiful chair would become an iconic timeless design recognised worldwide.

White leather Barcelona chairs and stool with tulip table Sustainable Living


Another favourite is a design from Eero Saarinen. The tulip dining table which comes with matching chairs. Saarinen vowed to eliminate the “slum of legs” found under chairs and tables with four legs. This dining table is suitable for any interior, forever holding its modern look. We have had the Knoll Saarinen marble dining table for over 12 years moving from house to house. Amazingly it has retained its quality and beauty. This dining table even holds its value when and if it were to be re-sold.

Knoll tulip table and chairs to view in the NW3 interiors showroom. Sustainable Living

Plus buying original timeless design is a form of sustainability. Similar to buying any home appliance really. Buying something quality, that lasts, prevents disposal of the old. It limits the process of manufacturing of the new. Invest in your home is investing in planet earth.

Not only is the element of longevity an element of sustainability it defines sustainable living, but if you go right to the source, it’s also evident that Knoll are taking their impact on the world very seriously. As exampled by their sustainability statement, ‘Sustainable Design At Knoll, we act on a commitment to the sustainable design and manufacture of our products. We use our understanding of how people live, work and interact with their environments to create inspired workplaces and residences that evolve and endure – environments that promote a better world.’ You can see how Knoll achieves their goals here or read a small part of their achievements below!

Knoll Sustainability Goals

Ferm Living

Another brand which NW3 have found. It’s s making a real difference with their home Danish design is Ferm Living. They have a sustainable range of cushions and blankets. Many are made from recycled plastic bottles! You can check them out here.

Sustainable products ferm living - Sustainable Living


So instead of washing up on our beaches they’re the perfect compliment to any space in your home. We love the unique designs of these products and how brands are trying their best to come up with inventive ways to help the environment. Alongside giving customers the ability to buy sustainable and responsible products without the guilt!

Want to know more about sustainable brands, or about how to invest in these pieces for your home? Talk to NW3 Interiors to see how they can help.

By Skyla Madhvani

How to make mid-century furniture work in a period home.

How to make mid-century furniture work in a period home.

Knolls New Collection – 80th Anniversary

Period homes and mid-century furniture? To celebrate the release of Knoll’s New Collection for their 80th Anniversary, we browsed the brochure.  It demonstrates how you can make mid-century style furniture work perfectly in any period home.

This period home scene is distinctly unique. It has wonderful high ceilings, doors and windows. It’s also laced with period features throughout, such as the cornicing, door and window frames and beautiful shutters. Whilst it resembles a modernised Parisian 6th quarter apartment, the Italian made furniture designed over a century ago blends beautifully. In addition, Knoll’s trademark phrase ‘Modern Always’ is demonstrated and validated by the way it still creates a contemporary style in old surroundings.

Knoll New Collection - Florence Knoll

Choose Your Base Aesthetic

First of all, within a period home you have to pick certain features that act as key parts of the design. Try highlighting small elements. For example, decorative ceilings or panelling to evoke the periodic feeling is a great start. Then, choose a neutral base palette. Opt for strong whites and pale greys and soft stone colours. Most noteworthy, anything too yellow and dark will make it tip more towards the midcentury era (and this is where magnolia was the most prominent colour choice).

Accentuating or adding period features within the home (such as the panelling above the door) will add to the decorative elements and work in contrast with the sleek modern lines of the furniture. As per this example, the period features add elegance to the space. The curves of the Brno chair (designed in the late 1920’s!) add a feminine aspect to the space and are complemented by the impossibly thin marble topped Grasshopper table designed in 2017 by Piero Lissoni.

Knoll New Collection - Grasshopper Table


Period Home: Choose Your Furniture Palette

Next, chose your furniture palette. Above all, choose 3 main colours that work with each other. Either 3 shades of 1 colour, or 3 separate complimenting colours. Next chose your metal and one marble (you can have another accent material too).

If you chose fairly muted colours, you could chose one vibrant accent. Either a bright green chair, a red marble dining table or a blush pink sofa. Having the neutral base is essential to keeping the space looking clean and fresh. Like the example below, the styling added an electric blue fabric into the space which creates a strong look. Ideal for people who love to add pops of colour throughout their period home.

In addition to the blue sofa a soft tan leather on the re-released iconic Butterfly Chair adds another level of texture. The design of the butterfly chair is to create a piece that looks as light as it feels. A intricate structure with an additional sheet of fabric thrown over creates an elegant and simplistic form.


Knoll New Collection - Accent Colour Florence Knoll Sofa


Period Home: Bring It All Together With Key Pieces

Now you need to chose your key statement pieces. All of the designs from Knoll were created over the past century, but still remain timeless and modern. So don’t be scared to choose the ‘wrong thing’ as it’s essentially impossible to do. All the pieces in the images from this blog are a collection and example of how these designs integrate with any style home and with each other to create a gorgeous and calming aesthetic. Choosing your key pieces may be from personal taste or because you simply love a specific designer.

We adore the Eero Saarinen designs and love the Tulip chairs fully upholstered, as shown here. Combined with the Platner table and an impressive Flos pendant light this is a dream combo. Alongside it is the new Red Baron shelving unit designed by Piero Lissoni.  These contemporary pieces work beautifully – as though they are ‘floating’ – against the period backdrop.

Knoll New Collection - Saarinen, Platner & Piero Lissoni

Family Living

Finally, these collections have shaped family living in Carly’s home in Hampstead, London, UK.  Carly opens her home to share with clients how she combines the collections and chooses fabrics and finishes.  Ultimately it’s illustrating how the collection can grow over the years, encouraging sustainability.

Need help styling your home? Do get in touch, as we love to chat about design.  You can speak to NW3 Interiors here to get your interior design project started.

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