Our Top Beautiful AND Sustainable Brands

Our Top Beautiful AND Sustainable Brands

Who knew sustainable living could be so beautiful?

Scrolling through instagram, facebook and twitter viewing abandoned turtles stuck in plastic and desperately attempting to ‘do your bit’ for our environment? Look at our range of sustainable furniture pieces for your home:

Some of NW3’s favourites being-

When Mies van der Rohe, (a German-American architect) began to pave the way for furniture design back in the 1920’s after introducing the Knoll Barcelona Chair. A piece which is often an example of a family heirloom being passed from generation to generation, like my mother will gift to me someday. Little did Van der Rohe realise, that the form and structure of this beautiful chair would become an iconic timeless design recognised worldwide.

White leather Barcelona chairs and stool with tulip table


Another favourite is a design from Eero Saarinen. The tulip dining table which comes with matching chairs. Saarinen vowed to eliminate the “slum of legs” found under chairs and tables with four legs. This dining table is suitable for any interior, forever holding its modern look. We have had the Knoll Saarinen marble dining table for over 12 years moving from house to house and it has retained its quality and beauty. This dining table even holds its value when and if it were to be re-sold.

Knoll tulip table and chairs to view in the NW3 interiors showroom.


Buying original timeless design is a form of sustainability. Because like buying any home appliance, buying something quality, that lasts, prevents disposal of the old and the process of manufacturing of the new. Invest in your home is investing in planet earth.

Not only is the element of longevity an element sustainability, but if you go right to the source, it’s also evident that Knoll are taking their impact on the world very seriously. As exampled by their sustainability statement, ‘Sustainable Design At Knoll, we act on a commitment to the sustainable design and manufacture of our products. We use our understanding of how people live, work and interact with their environments to create inspired workplaces and residences that evolve and endure – environments that promote a better world.’ You can see how Knoll achieves their goals here or read a small part of their achievements below!

Knoll Sustainability Goals

Ferm Living

Another brand which NW3 have found is making a real difference with their home Danish design is Ferm Living. They have a sustainable range of cushions and blankets are made from recycled plastic bottles! You can check them out here.

Sustainable products ferm living


So instead of washing up on our beaches they’re the perfect compliment to any space in your home. We love the unique designs of these products and how brands are trying their best to come up with inventive ways to help the environment. Alongside giving customers the ability to buy sustainable and responsible products without the guilt!

Want to know more about sustainable brands, or about how to invest in these pieces for your home? Talk to NW3 Interiors to see how they can help.

By Skyla Madhvani

How to make mid-century furniture work in a period home.

How to make mid-century furniture work in a period home.

Knolls New Collection – 80th Anniversary

To celebrate the release of Knoll’s New Collection for their 80th Anniversary, we browsed the brochure.  It demonstrates how you can make mid-century style furniture work perfectly in any period home.

The scene is a distinctly unique property. With wonderful high ceilings, doors and windows. Laced with period features throughout, such as the cornicing, door and window frames and beautiful shutters. Whilst it resembles a modernised Parisian 6th quarter apartment, the Italian made furniture designed over a century ago blends beautifully. Knoll’s trademark phrase ‘Modern Always’ is demonstrated and validated by the way it still creates a contemporary style in old surroundings.

Knoll New Collection - Florence Knoll

Choose Your Base Aesthetic

First of all, within a period home you have to pick certain features that act as key parts of the design. Highlighting small elements such as decorative ceilings or panelling to evoke the periodic feeling is a great start. Choosing a neutral base palette, opt for strong whites and pale greys and soft stone colours. Anything too yellow or dark will make it tip more towards the midcentury era where magnolia was the most prominent colour choice for internal interiors.

Accentuating or adding period features such as the panelling above the door will add to the decorative elements and work in contrast with the sleek modern lines of the furniture. As per this example, the period features add elegance to the space. The curves of the Brno chair (designed in the late 1920’s!) add a feminine aspect to the space and are complemented by the impossibly thin marble topped Grasshopper table designed in 2017 by Piero Lissoni.

Knoll New Collection - Grasshopper Table


Choose Your Furniture Palette

Next, chose your furniture palette. Chose 3 main colours that work with each other. Either 3 shades of 1 colour, or 3 separate complimenting colours. Next chose your metal and one marble (you can have another accent material too).

If you chose fairly muted colours, you could chose one vibrant accent. Either a bright green chair, a red marble dining table or a blush pink sofa. Having the neutral base is essential to keeping the space looking clean and fresh. Like the example below, the styling added an electric blue fabric into the space which creates a strong look. Ideal for people who love to add pops of colour throughout their period home. In addition to the blue sofa a soft tan leather on the re-released iconic Butterfly Chair adds another level of texture. The design of the butterfly chair is to create a piece that looks as light as it feels. A intricate structure with an additional sheet of fabric thrown over creates an elegant and simplistic form.


Knoll New Collection - Accent Colour Florence Knoll Sofa


Bring It All Together With Key Pieces

Now you need to chose your key statement pieces. All of the designs from Knoll were created over the past century, but still remain timeless and modern. So don’t be scared to choose the ‘wrong thing’ as it’s essentially impossible to do. All the pieces in the images from this blog are a collection and example of how these designs integrate with any style home and with each other to create a gorgeous and calming aesthetic. Choosing your key pieces may be from personal taste or because you simply love a specific designer. We adore the Eero Saarinen designs and love the Tulip chairs fully upholstered, as shown here. Combined with the Platner table and an impressive Flos pendant light this is a dream combo. Alongside it is the new Red Baron shelving unit designed by Piero Lissoni.  These contemporary pieces work beautifully – as though they are ‘floating’ – against the period backdrop.

Knoll New Collection - Saarinen, Platner & Piero Lissoni

These collections have shaped family living in Carly’s home in Hampstead, London, UK.  Carly opens her home to share with clients how she combines the collections and chooses fabrics and finishes.  Illustrating how the collection can grow over the years, encouraging sustainability.

Need help styling your home? Do get in touch, as we love to chat about design.  You can speak to NW3 Interiors here to get your interior design project started.

My Top 3 Restaurants in Hampstead

My Top 3 Restaurants in Hampstead

My Top 3 Restaurants in Hampstead

By the daughter of NW3

Ever looked up and down Hampstead High street just utterly unsure on where to decide to eat? Same.

NW3 gives us so much excellent choice, some of my favourites for dining and interiors have to be:


Wagamama Food Noodles and Soup

Wagamamas Hampstead Exterior

Adding to their delicious menus: vegan, vegetarian, gluten-free and kids this makes Wagamama’s the ideal location for anyone looking to enjoy a wide range of divine Asian fusion let alone its new refurbishment with wishbone chairs! The wooden textures and gorgeous lighting enhances the atmosphere of the place making Wagamama’s one of my favourite places to dine in Hampstead.

Belsize Kitchen

Belsize Kitchen Hampstead

Belsize Kitchen Treats

Belsize Kitchen is one of NW3’s most recently found gem. Under the business of our days sometimes we just can’t resist the excellent dishes prepared there. My favourite has to be Brunch with the dish ‘The Gardener’ all the food feels so fresh and homemade. This all adds to its beautiful new furniture, there is a real cosy feeling in this local cafe.

The staff are wonderful, and I have enjoyed so many lunches and breakfasts here with the family. Mum and I usually sit there brainstorming whatever is going on for the week, only recently there discussing our storage unit’s front elevation. Belsize Kitchen is a lovely warming café that is perfect for all.


Ronis Cafe Hampstead Design

Ronis Cafe Hampstead Bagel Display

Roni’s bakery has the best bagels, it’s the perfect after school or work snack. The café perches up on Roslyn Hill and always catches the most beautiful sun in the mornings, with stunning wooden tables that I feel represent Hampstead in the best possible way.

Our Reasons To Love Belsize Village

Our Reasons To Love Belsize Village

There are so many glorious things to say about Hampstead, but most importantly Belsize Village. Home to NW3 Interiors, my family home and a wonderful thriving community nestled in the North of London.

The community built here began many many years ago, long before I got the privilege to move here. We decided on the area… and when I say we I mean I. My husband and I were living in Winchmore Hill and he was absolutely adamant he was going to live there for his entire life. I luckily managed to convince him that moving to Hampstead would be the best decision for us as a new family and that’s how our story with Belsize began.

Belsize Park Underground Station

I knew I wanted to have my children grow up in a beautiful area, that was safe, had a variety of places to visit, a close knit community and good schools… not much if you ask me! The idea that I could have all of this in the middle of London meant that we were sold on the idea. It didn’t take long for us to settle in. My children were offered a place at Devonshire House, just a short walk away from our home and I set up my small business NW3 Interiors!

Madhvani Kids In Belmont School Uniform

(Skyla and Kiva in their new uniform!)

The children are lucky to be surrounded by lovely people, beautiful scenery such as the Hampstead Heaths, Primrose Hill and classic english architecture. In Belsize Village we have our go-to places as we believe in supporting local and helping the little guys, after all we’re a little guy and what goes around comes around. I frequently visit Pivoine to get my nails done (she’s amazing and her seasonal window displays are always fabulous!), I get my dry cleaning done a few doors down at Pyramid and ofter nip into Oliver’s Cafe to admire his incredible artwork (which is usually of Belsize!) or to enjoy a fresh and delicious brunch.

Painting of Belsize Village by Oliver

My kids favourite shop is the late-late store, filled from front to back with all the necessities for a child, sweets, chocolate and ice cream galore! I thank the lord every day that we managed to get a home in the heart of London with a fairly large garden so that they can come home and run it all off. Thankfully there are the lovely guys at the Crescent Fruiterers who stock up on fresh fruit and veggies as well as providing a large array of seasonal flowers and Christmas trees! The staff are wonderful and are always there ready to great you with a smile, that’s probably why they were chosen to feature in this Winter’s Visa commercial!!

My go to place for Belsize Village news and updates is this site dedicated to the area, rightfully titled www.belsizevillage.co.uk It’s full of up to date information about the area, what’s on and what to expect for the upcoming weeks. It’s also features lots of interesting articles about the the history and story of Belsize Park and what makes it so special, including the architecture, art and cultural heritage. One fine gentleman has even made a documentary film about our lovely village – The Belsize Story – watch it here.

We know you’ll love our village too, welcome one and all.

Love Carly x

Belsize Village by David Percy
5 Knoll Pieces You Need If You Work From Home

5 Knoll Pieces You Need If You Work From Home

We’re going to show you how to optimise your home office or professional working environment with Knoll furniture…and why it’s important.


Ever dream of escaping the desk and just working wherever you want. Comfortably, stylishly, practically. The term the ‘desk is dead’ has been thrown around this year with a lot of scrutiny. We have as a society grown to believe that working means, sitting at the same desk, on the same chair, in the same place 5 days a week. With most business now being virtual never before have we been able to move away from this idea of how ‘working’ should be.

Your business growth isn’t calculated by how many hours are spent sitting down, but what you do with time you put in. Productivity rates are being enhanced and encouraged by companies in a number of ways. Optimising the working environment has never been a more crucial element of design. By providing spaces designed to enhance productivity. Such as aesthetics, temperatures, biophillic design and a variety of work spaces. From this we have seen a knock on effect of employer happiness, mental health improvements and of course, the amount of quality work being produced. The next key element for environment is allowing work to be done not only inside the office but from effectively anywhere in the world. Including your own home.


Image courtesy of Dezeen

In a recent article from Dezeen entitled ’10 office furniture designs that prove the desk has had its day’ Hitti shows us innovative new design collaborations from brands we love such as Vitra and Barber & Osgerby who are set to launch a modular seating system that doubles as a work station. The designers said “with mobile technology you need a place to sit occasionally, or a comfortable place to hang out,” and we strongly agree. Especially in instances where people work from home. This usually infers that a person would have a ‘home office’ or a desk to work out. But new designs such as the Avio Sofa from Knoll allows us to utilise exisiting pieces within the home and convert them from a home comfort into a practical working space.

Vitra Soft Work Hero

Image courtesy of Dezeen


 5 Key Pieces You Need From Knoll – Order Your Brochure for the NEW collection or to discuss any items below click here.

1. The Avio Sofa by Pierro Lissoni

This amazing and super cool sofa has been used in a handful of our recent projects after it made its debut at the NW3 showroom. This is because it provides a multifunctional aspect that we can’t get enough of. The modular system allows for the sofa to be uniquely designed to you and your space as well as having a pivoting end to make for a communal space or to allow for a side table to slip through the components. Creating a table space for a laptop, coffees, reading and writing. This new feature from Knoll turns an everyday household piece into a productive and comfortable working space.

Knoll Avio Sofa by Pierro Lissoni


2. The Height Adjustable Desk from Knoll

Latest developments in work spaces is to encourage standing, instead of sitting. Finding that people work more efficiently when they aren’t stationary for long periods of time. This of course can have multiple benefits for your physical and mental health and can assist with a myriad of back, neck and leg related issues that are linked to a sedentary lifestyle. The desk is designed to be electronically adjusted for both seated and standing work. Offering a perfect solution from Knoll for an office or residential space. We recently used it for a client at our project in Beaconsfield to accommodate the couples working habits, one standing, one sitting, just one desk. View the space here.

Knoll Height Adjustable Desk


3. Bespoke Knoll Office Storage

Due to new GDPR rules …(yes we said it…sorry) many people who work from home now have to keep client information under lock and key. Privacy and security go hand in hand, so to save yourself coming under the firing line why not include some sleek modern Knoll office storage in your home like we did for our lovely client in our Little Venice project. Turning their spare bedroom into a functional, beautiful and practical office space.

Little Venice ProjectLittle Venice Project


4. The Life Chair

Named for why it was designed, for life. For the every day life. To make sure you’re fully supported all day every day. If you think about it, 8 hour days mean we’re often sat for over 40 hours a week. That’s not good for any body! But if you’re thinking stand up desks aren’t for you, then make sure you chose a chair that is. Ergonomically designed to fit you like a glove, the life chair offers flexible and consistent support.

Life Chair by Knoll

5. A Womb Chair by Eero Saarinen

If you’re preparing for a lengthy business call, why not do it in a chair that makes it feel like you’re being bathed in cotton wool. With an array of gorgeous and durable materials and with an accompanying footstool, you can put your feet up ready to take on any stresses of a 3 way conversation, dodgy connection or an incompetent colleague. And maybe for no other reason than no home is complete without one.

Womb Chair in the NW3 Showroom


To order any Knoll pieces, to discuss your home or office space, get in touch with one of the NW3 Interiors team now.