5 Knoll Pieces You Need If You Work From Home

5 Knoll Pieces You Need If You Work From Home

We’re going to show you how to optimise your home office or professional working environment with Knoll furniture…and why it’s important.


Ever dream of escaping the desk and just working wherever you want. Comfortably, stylishly, practically. The term the ‘desk is dead’ has been thrown around this year with a lot of scrutiny. We have as a society grown to believe that working means, sitting at the same desk, on the same chair, in the same place 5 days a week. With most business now being virtual never before have we been able to move away from this idea of how ‘working’ should be.

Your business growth isn’t calculated by how many hours are spent sitting down, but what you do with time you put in. Productivity rates are being enhanced and encouraged by companies in a number of ways. Optimising the working environment has never been a more crucial element of design. By providing spaces designed to enhance productivity. Such as aesthetics, temperatures, biophillic design and a variety of work spaces. From this we have seen a knock on effect of employer happiness, mental health improvements and of course, the amount of quality work being produced. The next key element for environment is allowing work to be done not only inside the office but from effectively anywhere in the world. Including your own home.


Image courtesy of Dezeen

In a recent article from Dezeen entitled ’10 office furniture designs that prove the desk has had its day’ Hitti shows us innovative new design collaborations from brands we love such as Vitra and Barber & Osgerby who are set to launch a modular seating system that doubles as a work station. The designers said “with mobile technology you need a place to sit occasionally, or a comfortable place to hang out,” and we strongly agree. Especially in instances where people work from home. This usually infers that a person would have a ‘home office’ or a desk to work out. But new designs such as the Avio Sofa from Knoll allows us to utilise exisiting pieces within the home and convert them from a home comfort into a practical working space.

Vitra Soft Work Hero

Image courtesy of Dezeen


 5 Key Pieces You Need From Knoll – Order Your Brochure for the NEW collection or to discuss any items below click here.

1. The Avio Sofa by Pierro Lissoni

This amazing and super cool sofa has been used in a handful of our recent projects after it made its debut at the NW3 showroom. This is because it provides a multifunctional aspect that we can’t get enough of. The modular system allows for the sofa to be uniquely designed to you and your space as well as having a pivoting end to make for a communal space or to allow for a side table to slip through the components. Creating a table space for a laptop, coffees, reading and writing. This new feature from Knoll turns an everyday household piece into a productive and comfortable working space.

Knoll Avio Sofa by Pierro Lissoni


2. The Height Adjustable Desk from Knoll

Latest developments in work spaces is to encourage standing, instead of sitting. Finding that people work more efficiently when they aren’t stationary for long periods of time. This of course can have multiple benefits for your physical and mental health and can assist with a myriad of back, neck and leg related issues that are linked to a sedentary lifestyle. The desk is designed to be electronically adjusted for both seated and standing work. Offering a perfect solution from Knoll for an office or residential space. We recently used it for a client at our project in Beaconsfield to accommodate the couples working habits, one standing, one sitting, just one desk. View the space here.

Knoll Height Adjustable Desk


3. Bespoke Knoll Office Storage

Due to new GDPR rules …(yes we said it…sorry) many people who work from home now have to keep client information under lock and key. Privacy and security go hand in hand, so to save yourself coming under the firing line why not include some sleek modern Knoll office storage in your home like we did for our lovely client in our Little Venice project. Turning their spare bedroom into a functional, beautiful and practical office space.

Little Venice ProjectLittle Venice Project


4. The Life Chair

Named for why it was designed, for life. For the every day life. To make sure you’re fully supported all day every day. If you think about it, 8 hour days mean we’re often sat for over 40 hours a week. That’s not good for any body! But if you’re thinking stand up desks aren’t for you, then make sure you chose a chair that is. Ergonomically designed to fit you like a glove, the life chair offers flexible and consistent support.

Life Chair by Knoll

5. A Womb Chair by Eero Saarinen

If you’re preparing for a lengthy business call, why not do it in a chair that makes it feel like you’re being bathed in cotton wool. With an array of gorgeous and durable materials and with an accompanying footstool, you can put your feet up ready to take on any stresses of a 3 way conversation, dodgy connection or an incompetent colleague. And maybe for no other reason than no home is complete without one.

Womb Chair in the NW3 Showroom


To order any Knoll pieces, to discuss your home or office space, get in touch with one of the NW3 Interiors team now.

Open House in October – Showroom Event

As many of our clients know, Carly Madhvani, CEO of NW3 Interiors, has a passion and keen eye for interior design after spending several years working in the industry. Working with Knoll and other trusted brand partners, Carly has assembled a spectacular collection of high-quality and luxurious furniture in her home – which doubles up as the showroom for NW3 Interiors!

We’re delighted to announce our October open house event, where Carly will be opening the doors to her home and showcasing stunning collections, advising on the latest trends and how-to’s, and exhibiting designs from local, independent designers. Split across three days between the 10th and 12th of October, the event will allow Carly to share her breadth of knowledge to help inspire you and your home!

Starting at 9:30am on Tuesday the 10th of October, the first day is designed as an all-day drop-in for architects, developers and estate agents to see the latest trends in design and gain exclusive insight and industry knowledge in to the world of interior design.

The following two days are open to registered guests only (click here to register) and will both run from 9:30am to 4:30pm. Wednesday the 11th will showcase the property and its interiors, with the highlight of the day being a talk from furniture brand Knoll, who will be showcasing their new collection. Featuring new products such as the Avio sofa and the just-released red marble, this is an unmissable session.

The last day, also open to registered guests only from 9:30am to 4:30pm, will have Carly sharing her award-winning knowledge on interior trends and how-to advice, starting at 2:30pm. This is an ideal opportunity to see what products and designs are out there, and get inspiration for how you could give the interiors of your own home a new wave of freshness.

Carly will also be displaying the luxury products of local, independent designers. A range of lifestyle, homewares and various other products, these collections cannot be found on the high street and can add an element of uniqueness to any home.

To attend the showroom event please fill in the form below, or contact us to find out more. We look forward to seeing you and sharing what NW3 Interiors and Carly’s showroom have to offer!

Outdoor Living In Primrose Hill

Outdoor Living In Primrose Hill

NW3 Interiors x Primrose Hill

We’ve now shared 3 of our recent interior design projects – and you can read all about them here – but our blog this week has a slightly different story arc. Over the last few months Carly and NW3 have been working in Primrose Hill, helping a client revolutionise their outside terrace, and it’s been exciting and rewarding.

Our client’s garden terrace features a large section of dark brown wooden flooring, and NW3 were tasked with bringing the area to life. This client’s outgoing lifestyle involves lots of hosting, so we needed to create a vibrant area that was also functional and practical. It’s important that the design work could create a garden to be used all year round with relatively low maintenance.

Originally fixated on wooden furniture, we managed to persuade our client of the benefits of more durable materials. The dining table (pictured) is a Knoll classic, designed by Richard Schultz, and was manufactured in Italy. Fortunately, shipping was super-fast and the table arrived quickly! Paired with the table were the dining chairs, procured from the beautiful Italian brand Moroso. The chairs added key details with white, dark blue and black, complimenting the client’s design briefs. Carly’s drawings also enabled the height of the side of the chairs to fit in with the requirements for the tables – a crucial calculation, as we all know. Finally, the sofa and armchair selection were chosen for outdoor suitability, and spiced up with a variety of cushions thrown on! The white of the sofas, despite the client’s initial hesitation, contrasted the brown floor perfectly. Coffee tables from Hay and honeybee lanterns from Serralunga completed the space. Throughout the project, Carly co-ordinated multiple suppliers and organised the installation. Using NW3 meant the client’s terrace is now full of colour, lasts all winter, and has been professionally designed whilst utilising discounts available from suppliers.

See the outdoor terrace in all its glory on our project page here.

Designed and sourced exclusively by NW3 Interiors.


Read our interview with Helen about the NW3 Interiors experience…

We asked Helen a few questions to see how she found the process, and to see if she loved the outcome. You can read her Q & A below:

1) How did you know of NW3 Interiors and what was it that attracted you to instruct us?

Carly has established for herself a fantastic reputation as the go to person in North London.  Having worked with a few interior designers in the past she is the only person I will speak to now.  She has a brilliant eye and an excellent relationship with all her suppliers.  Her service is seamless.  She always makes her herself available and is not happy until the job is 100% done.

2) Can you recall which important pieces of information you provided to NW3 Interiors to ensure the design was suitable for your situation?

I told her not white!  The best advice I can give is to trust Carly and believe in the process as she is always right as white is the only colour I would put out there now! She was very practical as I also wanted outdoor cushions and she advised me that with the weather being what it is in this country we needed something more durable.  Now we have patio furniture that not only looks amazing but will work all year round!

3) What feedback would you give regarding the process from design concept to completion including time and value?

Carly came over and did all the measurements, sent us digital images of what it would look like when completed and we loved this!  Carly always finds us the best possible deal and always manages to work around our budget.

4) How does it make you feel now, to sit on your terrace?

Very happy indeed. As always, Carly nailed it!

If you would like to see how NW3 could help you redesign part of your home, or work on larger design projects, please do not hesitate to get in touch in the comments or via email!  Carly@nw3interiorsltd.com

The client and Carly from NW3 Interiors



Before & After – Camden Mews Project

Before & After – Camden Mews Project

Having recently shared information on our Century Court project and divulged details of a bathroom renovation in Primrose Hill, our blog this week looks at a recent redesign undertaken by NW3 in Camden.

Located just off Kentish Town Road, the Camden Mews project featured a lovely 1960’s mews house. The property is arranged over two principal levels, with the large open-plan reception/kitchen on the first floor enjoying excellent levels of light from the large south-west facing windows. It also boasts a versatile mezzanine area, two further bedrooms and two bathrooms occupying the ground floor. Starting in March, and finishing in June, the project was completed in just 4 months.

Carly’s role was to redesign the bathrooms to better suit the size requirements of the client, which meant moving a wall! The overall aim with the bathrooms was to create modern, luxurious, individually identified bathrooms. NW3 Interiors completed the design and created the colour scheme, as well as providing the fittings in budget and organising a building team to install the bathrooms to a very high finish.

Before images:

Guest bathroom before - Camden Mews Project

Master bathroom before - Camden Mews


After Shots:


Outside of the bathrooms, the house was crying out for some beautiful and unique pieces of furniture and design so that we could turn this couple’s house into their forever home. The challenge for Carly was to design and create a warm and inviting home, whilst maximising the potential space and adding luxury and ambience to the overall feel. However, by incorporating a colour scheme and furniture collection that reflect the iconic 70’s theme of the property and key changes to lighting, NW3 helped with the dream renovation.

Before images:

Lounge Before - Camden Mews Project North London

Dining Area Before - Camden Mews Project North London

After Shots:


If you are interested in learning more about our Camden Mews project, or would like to find out how NW3 Interiors can support interior design projects, please contact carly@nw3interiorsltd.com

Bathroom Design and Renovation in Primrose Hill

Bathroom Design and Renovation in Primrose Hill

Bathroom Design and Renovation in Primrose Hill

Following our recent sharing of our very own showroom transformation and our detailing of our Century Court project, we have decided to create another piece in our transformation series. Aware that spring has broken into its stride, we promise not to use too many Easter/blossoming metaphors!

The Primrose Hill bathroom project was an incredible experience for NW3 Interiors. Our client had decided they wanted to revolutionise their bathroom. But this project wasn’t a new coat of paint – the bathroom was designed to be reminiscent of their favourite hotel, Café Royal, a 6 star Piccadilly paradise.

The challenge for NW3 was to create a true, immersive, luxurious experience in a small space. To do this, we needed trusted help. As an authorised deal of Neutra, NW3 had the perfect resources available to create just the feel. Neutra specialise in washbasins, bathtubs, shower trays and shelves with a contemporary design, with coatings from refined textures and furnishings, the result of an inspired dialogue between natural materials and advanced technologies. The marble veining was meticulously planned and installed to create a perfect movement of natural stone. The builders were amazing, installing the heavy marble with great care to ensure everything went without hitch.

This project certainly tailored to some of the finer tastes; the bathroom includes heated wall panels to dry towels and keep robes warm. We’re proud of the transformation, and hope you enjoy some before and after shots.

Before video


After images showing our client’s beautiful bathroom

Neutra Marble

Renovation, design and supply of a marble bathroom in Primrose Hill


If you are interested in learning more about our Primrose Hill project, or would like to find out how NW3 Interiors can support interior design projects, please contact carly@nw3interiorsltd.com