At home with Carly

A Day of My Life 

As a busy mum, wife and business woman I’m often asked about my lifestyle. People want to know all kinds of things. It can be a request for a recipe, questions about schools, workouts and of course, interior design.  Even what beauty product am I using.  My team thought it’d be a great idea to share a day of my life of with you.



Exercise sets me up for the day. I always work out in the morning, before breakfast. I eat chocolate late at night (it has to be Lindt or Green and Blacks either salt, chilli or milk but I always treat myself to some), so somehow I feel this is a way to burn it off! My week is varied in exercise. I try to train 4 times a week with a mix of the following.

  • Body Combat @chiiuk– an incredible Japanese ninja who can fly.
  • Boxing PT at home
  • Building strength with weights with Susie Woffenden
  • Barrecore – NW3
  • Yin Yoga – On Zoom with Charlotte Habibi from Dubai
Carly Madhvani Boxing

The Wellness of Being


My wellness of being is very important to me. It is everything we do and every emotion we feel relates to our well-being. In turn, our well-being directly affects our actions and emotions. Therefore, I try to achieve optimal wellness in order to subdue stress, reduce the risk of illness and ensure positive interactions.

Recently a friend of mine launched The Soul Hub.

It is based on cold water therapy and Wim Hof. If my day is not too busy, after my exercise I take the opportunity to catch my breath and I soak myself in cold water.

This is the most amazing feeling. It literally cleanses me.  You know when you eat too much wasabi and it feels like a brain wash, soaking myself in cold water, feels like a soul  and mind wash. It is the best feeling ever. It makes me just think YES I AM READY TO START MY DAY NOW!

Wellness of Being
Carly Madhvani Yoga
Carly Madhvani l The Soul Hub
Carly Madhvani l NW3 Interiors

Work Ethic

By 9/ 9:30 latest, I will start my working day.

Working either creatively or checking in on my current projects. This could be, looking at existing layouts, renders, ordering and paying suppliers.  Interior design is a puzzle so I daily check on all the aspects for each project.  It’s the best way to ensure an efficient service.  I have two girls who work for me so together we manage the floor plan layout changes, specifications, samples, the admin side, marketing sales; all the aspects to running your own business.

In the days prior to Covid, I loved attending design events in the evenings, when I got a chance. To view new collections or visit an art exhibition.  London has so much to offer in the design community. I am looking forward to this returning and becoming a part of my life again.

Carly Madhvani l NW3 Interiors

Healthy Eating

For breakfast I enjoy a taste of home, I tend to have Seeded granola with berries and protein yogurt.   Then for lunch, most days, I will either have Salad or Soup.

I use my Theromix to batch cook thick soups.  Otherwise, I make a good salad that varies with ingredients.  

Last, for Dinner, I end up having either Italian or Asian, as that is what the kids like the most.

I love my coffee but I also drink a lot of water.

Time to Relax…


My way of relaxing is watching football games as a family, meeting friends, reading  interior magazine’s  or  watching real crime shows on Netflix. I also love to look at new places that have opened up, whether it be hotel’s restaurants, I am always also looking on Instagram for new inspirations, ideas etc,  Last, I love to travel, take me to Ibiza, anytime although it is very true what they say, there is no place like home!