Maison et Objet: A designer in Paris

19th January 2018. The streets of Paris were cold, but that didn’t stop a huge turnout for the Maison in Paris Exhibition. Whilst we queued to go in, we were surrounded by swathes of people from all over the world, all passionate about interior design. Outside the venue, there was a buzz as design students conversed with high-end interior artists. Inside the venue was some of the best-quality design we’ve had the pleasure of observing, combining Parisian chic with a rustic edge. Here are our highlights!


One of our favourite parts of the exhibit is this gorgeous dining room set, that combines a traditional colour scheme with an eye-catching light fitting. This set also hinted at a running theme we spotted throughout the day – chevron cut into various pieces of furniture.

Having such a traditional colour scheme made this fabulous light fitting stand out even more, but the subtle differences in tones of brown and beige ensured that it didn’t look mundane. We loved this set-up and were very inspired by the beautiful colour palette!



The Duistt part of the exhibit is another aspect that we adored. Not only did they create a stunning set up that combines minimalism with comfort, but the business is a female set-up with an ‘mumpreneur’ who both designs and manufacturers! We’re hoping to buy one of the chairs to have in our showroom in the near future.




This shelving arrangement really caught our fancy due to the use of different tones of pink and gold and the fact that it’s from our trusted brand partner Arte! 2017 saw the world become obsessed with rose gold and this part of exhibit reflected that. It also continued with the chevron trend which seemed to haunt pretty much every part of the exhibition.

We were also pleased to see so many suppliers offering cool furniture at high-street prices, meaning you don’t have to splash out a fortune to make your home look high-end.


The Pantone ‘colour of the year’ ultra-violet was not well represented at the event, with only one supplier choosing to focus on it. Other parts that we thought were amazing included the leather strapped Henry chair by VIP and friends, and the work by eichholtz that we found visually stimulating.

Molly and I had a truly memorable day, and loved every minute of the show.