About Us

For me design is storytelling. I want to tell a story that is adventurous and full of soul on every scale.

Kelly Wearstler

Leading global female designer, interior designer Kelly Wearstler : Admired internationally for her distinctive design and sophisticated soulful vibe.

Carly Madhvani, Director

An Associate of the British Institute of Interior Design

Having the chance to frequently update my home, without asking any family members, makes this my dream job!  Sharing each room with lovely local families to highlight

  • clever design details
  • textural colour inspirations
  • how to best achieve flow and balance
  • where to invest

Using interior design is my way of visually telling the stories and history of my carefully selected brand partners.

Since my degree in 1998, I have been immersed in understanding and growing to love all aspects of furniture and design – visiting many factories and workshops in Europe and building relationships; enjoying interior design trade shows which have enriched my passion to create inspirational spaces and sensational homes for clients throughout the Primrose Hill and Hampstead areas.

Mentoring, coaching and teaching.


Qualified Molly has worked alongside Carly full-time since the beginning of 2017.  Attending client meetings, shadowing each design decision and learning how to negotiate with suppliers.  Learning processes and the necessary procedures. Now in 2019, Molly manages her own projects.  It is an especially good fit when the client is looking for how to style a space with online retailers. Molly can whizz up visuals including furniture, accessories, art, rugs and lighting… in a blink.  Ask us for examples.

For the reason that Carly heard many recently qualified designers say they did not understand how to; charge fees, measure curtains, create quotes, know when to invoice or how to receive trade pricing – Carly set up a ‘Mentoring Monday’ free service.  Which is a great success.  Empowering women by gaining knowledge is at the heart of what Carly does.  As a result there are some wonderful stories of NW3 Interiors being a stepping stone for independent interior designers.

Molly Fern, Interior Designer



Molly has worked at NW3 Interiors since qualifying from University of the Arts London in 2017 with a degree in Interior and Spatial Design (BA Hons). Studying the furniture library and fabric samples at the Hampstead Showroom and reading the price list at night, Molly enjoying assisting Carly at meetings and throughout the client-design-installation processes. Visiting cities in Europe to explore our key brand partners and learning about craftsmanship, wood-types and how-to arrange furniture on the wall – not just as a floor-plan layout has been inspiring and useful to share with our clients. Molly loved discovering new brands and trends at the Paris trade show ‘Maison Object’ and building relationships with new designers.  Excited to present finishes, colours and materials on our mood-boards and posting these on our ever-growing social accounts. Residents of our local homes have appreciated Molly’s keen-design eye and attention to detail.


My work at NW3 Interiors started by simply seeking advice from a professional when I was a floundering university student. With little knowledge in the ‘how’ rather than the ‘what’. I was naive to understand the industry and how to implement a project. What started as a coffee with Carly, flourished into a permanent job. I was provided my skills of content creation whilst learning from an incredible mentor, who constantly feeds my passion for design, supporting my personal success and nurturing me into the designer I am today.  I am so grateful for my enjoyable job, the clients I help and to Carly for her advice.

Discover how to create a space with a modern iconic look from authorised brands.  NW3 Interiors offers guidance and support to ensure solutions, at the best price, using top products from the brands you know and trust. We proudly provide luxury interior design service to homeowners throughout the Hampstead, West Hampstead, Belsize Park and Primrose Hill areas.