About Us

15 years of experience in luxury interiors in London. North London interior design studio rooted in modern elegance.

NW3 Interiors, a North London Interior Design studio, was founded by Carly Madhvani in 2013. Their mission is to help families and individuals in North London bring a modern elegance to their home with the iconic furniture brands that Carly has worked with for her whole career.

What started out as a luxury furniture consultancy then grew into a full-service interior design studio. Now there is also a full-time designer, Molly Fern and a select network of craftspeople and architects too.

Today we work on interior design projects big and small. From helping a client choose a long-coveted Eero Saarinen Tulip Table (and get a killer price on it, thanks to our Knoll Preferred Dealer status) to full-scale renovations with a team of builders.

How can we help you today?

Carly Madhvani, Director

An Associate of the British Institute of Interior Design

Having the chance to frequently update my home, without asking any family members, makes this my dream job!

Since my degree in 1998, I have been immersed in understanding and growing to love all aspects of furniture and design. I also visit factories and workshops in Europe and know the importance of building solid relationships. In addition, I enjoy interior design trade shows which have enriched my passion to create inspirational spaces. Thus creating sensational homes for clients throughout the Primrose Hill and Hampstead areas.

Carly says…


“Relationships are at the core of my design philosophy. Firstly, the relationship between the end user – you – and the iconic brands I work with is paramount because great furniture design doesn’t exist in a vacuum. It exists to be used in people’s daily lives, in their homes with their families.

Eero Saarinen’s famous tulip table wasn’t created to sit in a showroom. He designed it because he found table legs annoying to sit around, inconvenient and unattractive. He designed it to be USED. Knowing the human story behind a design icon like this table brings it closer to you. It gives it a place in your life and in your home. That is my primary design goal.



After that comes the relationship between all the moving parts of a great interior design project. The trust between the client, the designer, the architect and the many skilled tradespeople who all contribute their talents to each and every project.

I get products on time, ensure the quality, understand the vast range of options of the collection and how they piece together in their home. This cuts through a huge amount of anxiety for my clients, not to mention the highly preferential rates I get on the pieces I work with, thanks to my many years of experience and the close relationships I have built up with some of the most important furniture brands in the industry.

NW3 Interiors best serve clients by offering a personal and flexible service. When I work on your home, I reach out to my contacts and enable multiple levels of design services and product procurement to suit your needs and budget. Designing your home is a personal journey. The tailored and intimate service I provide is key to your happiness. So, give us a call.”

Molly Fern, Interior Designer

Spatial Design Graduate, University of the Arts, London

Molly has worked at NW3 Interiors since qualifying from University of the Arts London in 2017 with a degree in Interior and Spatial Design (BA Hons).

A passionate photographer, Molly is obsessed with structure and light. As a result, Molly has immersed herself in the craftmanship of luxury furniture and design with Carly over the last 2 years, accompanying her on buying trips all over Europe as part of her North London Interior Design work.

Furthermore, Molly handles all of NW3 Interiors’ marketing and social media relationships and as well as mood board presentations. Since mid-2019 Molly has also been taking the lead on projects of her own at the studio.