NW3 Interiors is an award-winning  London interior design company
with over 15 years of experience in luxury interiors.

We come to you…

As an interior design company, our team of talented interior design professionals will visit your home to build a clear and precise picture of your needs and lifestyle, from the practical details such as space, flow and light, to the emotional aspects of comfort and usability.

NW3 Interiors is experienced with high-end luxury residences throughout London, injecting new life into family homes in Hampstead, Primrose Hill, and Highgate in particular. We operate throughout London and beyond, completing projects as far afield as Woking and Sevenoaks.


How can we help you today?

Molly from NW3 Interiors resting on a desk - North London Interior Designers.

Carly Madhvani,

Director & Founder of NW3 Interiors

An Associate of the British Institute of Interior Design

My interior design career began in the summer of 1998, and I have been committed to creating beautiful homes in the most elegant of spaces ever since. For me and our interior design professionals, it remains all about you and your home, creating a warm and inviting look, feel and distinct ambience with the feeling of excitement that greets you each and every time.

Carly says…

Values are immensely important to me and form a fundamental part of my design philosophy, which I truly believe to be the backbone of a mutually reciprocated working relationship. I pride myself on my equal ability to bring rationale and harmony to any given situation whilst bringing much enjoyment to any given task in the most relaxed, efficient and supportive way possible. As a professional interior designer, my ultimate responsibility is to ensure your complete satisfaction and to harness your trust. I achieve this through strong and decisive leadership, by attentively listening and understanding what is important to you and your home.

The importance of relationships….

With interior design, comes many exciting challenges many of which relate to the collaborative efforts of a team of highly skilled and talented professionals, that have been carefully selected and appointed by us just for you. We have longstanding and trustworthy relationships with time served architects, builders, trades persons and suppliers that have proven essential to our very successes. We give thanks to our valuable alliance as not only do they have your best interests at heart, they have ours too! I must also mention…as a registered associate member of the esteemed British Institute of Interior Design, I hold my head high with confidence, pride and with an overwhelming sense of achievement.

The good things in life….

We know better than anyone that your home means everything to you, at NW3 Interiors we understand the need for stunning and practical products with envious quality and refinement. All this is made possible through our talented team of design professionals, our trusted network of suppliers and manufacturers of iconic brands. Our clients deserve the very best that NW3 Interiors has to offer, with a plethora of options at your disposal. From complete renovations and transformations, or practical sourcing and selection of fine furnishings and stunning pieces, all this and with no one more deservingly than you!

Nw3 Interiors are ready to embark on your creative journey, let’s do it together.

Molly from NW3 Interiors resting on a desk - North London Interior Designers.

Molly Fern

Senior Interior Designer

Molly joined NW3 interiors in October 2017. Specialising in Spatial Design, Molly is also an avid photographer who is remarkably talented, she is smitten by structures and all forms of light. Molly has combined and diligently applied all of her creative abilities and immersed herself in the world of luxury furniture, the craftsmanship and historical influences. Working closely with Carly, she has since invested over five years to her profession to deliver aesthetically balanced schemes for clients. Molly has a natural gift to transform spaces into thriving living spaces, whilst positively influencing every aspect of expectation, to deliver a tranquil and harmonious living space for our clients to proudly and lovingly, call home.
Molly from NW3 Interiors resting on a desk - North London Interior Designers.

Ana Farr-Jones

Business Development and Marketing

Ana joined NW3 Interiors in September 2020 with a previous wealth of experience and extensive knowledge in design after founding her own business. Having a flair for creativity and attention to detail comes naturally to her. Ana handles our social media, press and marketing. She also manages our relationships with architects,  estate agents and clients. Her comprehensive marketing and organisational skills and her diligent and methodological approaches are exceptional. In addition, she assures warmth in her approach when managing and negotiating with professionals, which we prioritise in our philosophy and business model.
Molly from NW3 Interiors resting on a desk - North London Interior Designers.

Kamila Beveridge

Junior Interior Designer

Kamila joined NW3 Interiors in February 2022. Kamila had a passion for design from an early age, and this passion continued into adulthood, designing her own homes taking inspiration from her experiences and travels. Kamila is a qualified project manager with a natural eye for detail and structure, delivering the desired outcome for her clients. It was therefore an easy transition to turn passion into a profession. Kamila has a strong client-centred approach offering a balance of creativity, collaboration, and innovative thinking. With a structured, organised, and detailed attitude, Kamila delivers projects ensuring the total completion of each aspect along the way.
NW3 Girls at UK Property Awards 2021-2022
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The UK Property Awards are a world-renowned mark of excellence. Judged by a highly experienced team of professionals from across property, real estate, and design; they celebrate the highest levels of achievement by companies in the sector.