Over these past few weeks you may have noticed areas of your home that you dislike, want to improve or don’t function for the practicalities of daily life. That’s why we’re sharing our ‘Top 5 Tips to Optimise Your Home’. During these challenging times, it’s important to find a sense of calm in the everyday rituals that unite all of us. Whether it’s a morning coffee in bed, a relaxing bath in the evening or just watching Pretty Woman for the 7th time on the sofa. At NW3 Interiors, we believe it is more important now than ever to have a healthy relationship with your home. A balanced home is a balanced mind. Creating a safe space for you and your family. Follow our guide to getting the most out of your home.

Number 1. Organise Your Home In Stages

Writing a List

To begin with, it’s important to establish before hand the areas that need work. This may seem like an overwhelming task and when the list is complete you may as freak out slightly. But a list gives you focus and you’ll feel a sense of accomplishment as you work your way down your list crossing off tasks. Without a list you’re likely to get side-tracked. A list will help you to stick to one task and focus on it, rather than trying to do the whole house at once. Which everyone knows is a bad idea. From the list order it from small to big in terms of job size. Then allocate specific days to do each task. That will keep you accountable and make sure you don’t get too stressed. Organising your home not only helps to make it look better, but also helps to bring order to routines. If you’ve gone through every sock draw in the house and removed the ones that aren’t a pair you’ll never have to wear odd socks again! Or hear ‘Mummm, have you seen my other sock’. Ultimately, being able to find items quickly and efficiently saves a LOT of time and family fall outs.


Number 2. Refresh Your Bedding

woman in bed stretching

This is such an important place for you and your family. You spend up to 8 hours in bed sleeping every day and yet most people forget to invest in it. Checking that you have a new and appropriate mattress will ensure you get a good nights sleep. We recommend the brand Simba, available at John Lewis too. Are your pillows working for you? Do you need a firmer one, softer ones or just some fresh ones? A lot of people don’t know you’re supposed to wash pillows and duvets as well as just the covers, around every 3-6 months. Look up how to do this properly or take them to a dry cleaners. This can help with allergies also! Whilst you’re at it, invest in some quality linen too.

For a hotel look and feel, we always suggest 4 pillows for a double bed. 1 fitted sheet, 2 housewife pillows cases, 2 oxford and a duvet cover. Followed by a bedspread or a throw and cushions for decoration. Soak and Sleep or Whisper Sleep have great ranges, including eco friendly options. The higher the Thread Count ‘TC’ the softer and silkier it is! Therefore we suggest opting for anything about 400 TC.


Number 3. It’s All About the Atmosphere

Interior Designer in North London - Belsize Park, Hamstead, Primrose Hill and Camden

Primrose Hill House Project – Featuring Lighting from Tigermoth & Ochre

Getting the right vibe at home and optimising the lighting is essential for different reasons. You need strong over head lighting for cooking, cleaning and working. You need softer warmer tones for afternoon relaxation and family dinners. Then you need the moody orange glows for later evenings and for getting you ready for bed. You need focused lighting for reading books, lighting up drawers and cupboards and directional lighting to show off your favourite painting. We partner with a handful of renowned lighting brands that create beautiful lighting designs to tick every box. So whether it’s an elegant pendant from Ochre, an uber cool floor lamp from Bert Frank or a statement piece from Moooi, add some extra lighting to set the mood and to add interest to a space.

Number 4. Time To Upgrade

North Gate Interiors Project - Dining Area

Regents Park Penthouse Project

Upgrading is like getting your first pay check in your mid 20’s and realising you can ditch your Accessorize sunglasses in favour for the Celiné pair you’ve been in love with for just over 3 years. Finally getting to the stage where you want to invest in your forever home is a right of passage. Saying goodbye to stresses of sofa pillows that deflate in a year, dining chairs that wobble and the velvet head board that’s covered in marker pen. Optimise your home by removing daily annoyances that put you in a bad mood. You and your home deserve more; a little luxury. However, the commitment to more expensive items can be daunting. Are you getting the right colour,  the right size, will the material be suitable for your home. Which leads us to our next point…


Number 5. Hire A Designer

Carly & Molly NW3 Interiors Showroom

Does one room in the house not feel right? Do you have an awkward corner that you don’t know what to do with. Want to optimise your storage space? Or want to cosy up your reading room? Ask for help. It’s not your job to be able to know all the answers to these things. That’s what professionals, like us, are for. Our clients often come to us after they’ve given up trying to find solutions on their own. Their brains scrambled after falling into a 3 day Pinterest hole. Ultimately, the invaluable advice of an interior designer can save you time, money and headache. At NW3, our goal is to make the journey of design a smooth, easy and enjoyable one. If you want to show us several Pinterest mood boards, want to send us a lengthy email with your home hopes and dreams, or have simply not a clue and need guidance, then you know where to find us.

To optimise your home with the help of a professional, contact us to book in your consultation.