5 reasons why you should start your interiors project with a furniture consultant. Carly at Decorex in the stand of The Sofa & Chair Company

  • Knowledge of where to source furniture. Other than our established golden oldie brands where we know their service standards and often pull strings, we love finding new places and starting relationships so we can bring you the best of new trends
  • Layouts can be tricky, especially if you have a through room or an unusually shaped room. 2D plans help, sketches are good too but the most visually useful way I have found is when I rearrange my showroom to your floor plan. This really works.
  • Organising multiple orders from a selection of suppliers is a useful skill. To achieve an interesting mix of modern and high street with up-and-coming designers will give depth and contrast to the look, rather than bulk buy.
  • You save money by placing one order with a furniture consultant and they do the leg work.
  • Delivery, installations, access, tradesmen, material samples, timing, finishes, sizes… All of these are important issues and are included within the our free design service.

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