1. nw3_interiors-154People often encounter side-effects of pride and gratification from caring about their home and living space. Effects such as these are often made apparent to visitors and guests.
  2. You will find yourself putting up with timeless furniture designs that maintain their splendour for longer than previously anticipated.
  3. Spending money on quality furniture will likely pay off in at least one, if not numerous areas of your life.
  4. You may find your living room or bedroom to be more comfortable if not more tranquil than expected.
  5. Many have reported states of euphoria due to prolonged exposure to superior comfort.
  6. A sense of permanence and longevity can result from investing in quality.
  7. You may find that future bloodlines yield a handsome return from your dwelling, due to its attentively selected interior furnishings.
  8. You may start to realise a positive correlation arising between your perfectionistic furniture decisions and overall quality of life.
  9. People have found that intelligent investment in 14btheir living environment has made ‘coming home’ that much more redeeming, regardless of any job/life-related stress or frustration.
  10. Replacing furniture often starts materialising from choice rather than necessity.


Written by NW3 Interiors 16th Jan 2015.