Prunus Wallpaper by Fromental

Fromental are an amazing company based in London making the most beautiful handcrafted, hand painted wallpapers in various luxurious prints and colours. The Chinoiserie style wallpaper is one of our favourites from Fromental and we even have some in our Showroom. To discover more prints and colours and if you are interested in purchasing Fromental wallpaper or if you would like to see Fromental exhibited in our showroom you can contact us directly. Please enquire for pricing.

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“Combining the finest skills together with luxurious fabrics, our distinctly British style blends historic classicism with the cutting-edge cool of London’s fashion scene to create contemporary, timeless interiors. The creative team is a collaboration of talented designers and craftsmen from London and China.

Offering high-end couture for walls, artists spend up to 600 hours elegantly stitching individual panels. Collections include a unqiuely modern take on 18th Century Chinoiserie utilizing both monochromatic and vibrant colourways, contemporary, panoramic 20th century compositions alongside a Roomskins collection of subtle, non-repeating patterns.” – Fromental


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