Lahti Pendant Ring Light
The Lahti is an elegant pendant light, breathing life into any room with its simplistically beautiful design.The seamless frames appear to float when held by the suspension cables.The two-ring chandelier range, is very beautiful and adds beauty to any given space.

Lahti Pendant Light by Cameron Design House

This is a fantastic statement piece. A statement piece that we are very lucky to exhibit in our showroom. The rings can be adjusted, rotated and tilted to create different shapes and patterns changing the height and the depth of the overall look. If you’d like to see this incredible light first hand you can book an appointment to visit the showroom or request a brochure by enquiring below.


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Product Description

The simplistically elegant Lahti is designed by the Cameron Design House, London. The light seems to float when hung using the subtle suspension cables. The design of the light is very flexible allowing you to hang it in numbers for a chandelier look or a single ring, it could also be suspended at an angle as desired. The acrylic diffusers are hand-assembled which makes the whole owning experience very unique and beautiful.