One of the most iconic dining chairs that enhance your dining area with elegance.
Designed in the 60s the chair has metal wires welded to the circular rings for a modern style.Over hundred vertical wires are welded together to horizontal rings to achieve this iconic design.The high-end collection creates an illusion of more space because of its see through design.

Platner Gold Dining Chair by Knoll


NEW 18 Karat gold edition. The Platner Collection never fails, and now Knoll have released a new 18 Karat gold edition. These iconic chairs have been given a luxurious makeover perfect for commercial and residential spaces. To find out more or to request a brochure you can enquire below.

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Product Description

The Platner Collection is now over 50 years old and it still penetrates through the modern design dictionary. The dining chairs seen here are the NEW 18 Karat gold edition and is a tribute to the Platner’s collection. These stunning chairs with blue velvet are super comfortable and takes care of you whilst you enjoy your meal.