How Japan is Influencing Western Interiors

How Japan is Influencing Western Interiors

At NW3, we are already looking forward to 2018. Before we know it, we’ll be surrounded by a sea of cherry trees and the beautiful pink shades of the legendary Cherry Blossom. We have the unique opportunity to travel to Japan and explore the world of Japanese art and design. Aside from picnicking under a sky of cherry blossom, we’ve also got exciting plans to explore the culture behind the growing influence of Japanese art in the interior design world. We’re looking forward to:

  • Glamping at the Hoshinoya Fuji resort in Yamanashi. We’re spending 5 nights at the resort, surrounded by beautiful scenery.


  • Taking the bullet train to Kyoto, where we will be staying at a picturesque retreat in the city. Here, we have the opportunity to celebrate the unique designs and landscaped grounds of Arashiyama.

  • Hopping back on the bullet train to Hakone to visit the incredible temples the city has to offer.

  • Eventually arriving at Hoshinoya Tokyo where we will be staying. Here, we will have the pleasure of experiencing the authentic, Japanese ryokan hospitality.


Not only does this trip allow us to indulge in the luxuries that Japan has to offer, it gives us a chance to explore the world of Japanese art and design. Japanese influence is appearing far more in the interior design world. Brands are starting to incorporate Japanese design into their interior collections, combining it with Italian manufacture craftsmanship. Together, the two aesthetics create some astonishingly beautiful effects.

For instance, take a look at the Fidelio Lamp by Roberto Lazzeroni. The geometric features and line precision highlight its elegance and the beauty of its simple structure. The same clean, linear elegance is evident in Lazzeroni’s Fidelio Small Tables. Paired with the Fidelio Lamp, the tables create a fresh, modern space. Or, take the Pendant by Gaia – a chandelier so unique and exquisite, it becomes a centre piece in any room. In these pieces, we see the combination of eastern and western aesthetics.

This takes us back to last week’s exhibition, ‘East Meets West’ at the Design Centre in Chelsea Harbour. The exhibition looked at how Eastern styles are favourable in the West and are a major influence in interior designing. Visitors could immerse themselves in Japanese art, talks and workshops exploring how the East and West come together to bring something new and innovative to the world of design. From tea sets and Samurai armoury to paintings and scientific instruments, Antiques Young Guns displayed how Eastern aesthetic is still extremely appealing and pleasing to us in the West.

Our trip to Japan is a chance for us to discover how their unique aesthetic meets Western aesthetic to create such a popular trend and how the two influences can create such beautiful designs. We look forward to sharing our journey with you.

Autumn Evenings Designed by NW3 Interiors

Autumn Evenings Designed by NW3 Interiors

Whilst greenery was the colour of the year, Autumnal colours become more relevant as the seasons progress. Rich oranges and deep reds bring the outdoors in resembling the fallen leaves and the warm glow of a fire. As the cooler air sets in it’s essential to have a good source of heat, just like our beautiful Vauni portable fires. Perfect for indoor and outdoor use! They come in a variety of colours which can be viewed on our products page and different heights meaning you can squeeze one into just about anywhere. It’s sleek, modern design fits in seamlessly with existing interiors. It’s not only beautiful but practical also. A simple to use system that fills with large dancing flames in a matter of minutes, perfect for those cold evenings. You can watch a video tutorial on how to use your Vauni fire on our youtube channel.


We like to sit next to our Vauni fire in the evenings cosied up with a book and a glass of wine on our warm and snuggly Womb Chair. The shape, designed to wrap around your body allows you to sink into your evening bliss undisturbed. Specified in a dark blue, soft yet durable material for comfort, extensive use and because of the children of course. The Womb Chair is completed with a matching footstool taking its comfort level from a 3 to a solid 10. The warm flickers of light reflect from our Vauni fire onto the satin finish red marble top coffee table, a new and welcomed addition to the NW3 Interiors Showroom. An iconic and timeless piece, the rich reds and veins of white, green and purple add a level of depth and texture to the room.



If you’d like to purchase a Vauni fire, discuss purchasing any of the items in our blog or if you’d like to see them for yourself you can book an appointment to visit our showroom or you can talk to a member of the team by contacting us directly.


A Review of the NW3 Interiors Showroom Event

A Review of the NW3 Interiors Showroom Event

NW3 Interiors Blog

Last week, Carly Madhvani, Director at NW3 Interiors, held an open house to display her stunning collections, as well as showcasing other local homeware companies’ products. It was held over three days, between the 10th and the 12th of October, and was an excellent way for Carly to inspire people and to share her breadth of knowledge of interior design.

Before the guests arrived, Carly had some preparation to do. The glass room at the back of her studio went through some redecoration, with a repainting of the ceiling into an on-trend teal, and the addition of NW3’s own golden leaves to the ceiling. Carly also showcased some of Knoll’s new collection, including the red marble coffee table, and the adaptable avio sofa.

NW3 Services

Tuesday was the day for estate agents, architects and property developers to visit the house. Established estate agents Goldschmidt and Howland, and Benham & Reeves were invited, along with local architects who have worked with NW3 Interiors in the past. The day allowed these professionals to gain an exclusive insight and to see the latest trends in the world of interior design.


Local Estate Agents

The next two days were then open for registered guests to come and visit, with a number of local companies showing their homewares. Carly had Primrose Hill candles attend the showing on Wednesday, allowing them to show and sell their luxurious scented candles that complement the style of her décor

On the Thursday, Martin White design brought their candles too, with their dawn and dusk collection taking centre stage. Other companies that came were Fasercise, the stylish active wear company, and a local potter who specialises in mid-century pieces.  Simone Olivia, the interior design blogger, also attended the event, and has written a wonderful blog on the NW3 Interiors showroom which you can read here.

Attendees of the open house really engaged with the idea of Carly turning her home into a showroom, and were inspired by her style of how to live in a minimal way, without forgetting functionality, luxury and well-proportioned decoration. So much so, many people who came are now asking Carly to help them design the interiors of their homes and properties, across the country and continent!

If you are interested in finding out more about Carly’s designs, or want some advice on your own projects, please get in contact with us at, or call us on 020 7209 4442.

Open House – NW3 Interior Sale

Open House – NW3 Interior Sale

Open House – NW3 Interior Sale

If you’re looking for some inspiration, advice and unbeatable discounts on high-quality, pre-loved furniture, look no further. Many of our clients will already will be aware that from the 10th to the 13th October, Carly Madhvani, CEO of NW3 Interiors is opening her home to showcase the latest, stunning collection of beautiful, high-quality furniture from NW3 Interiors. Carly will be sharing her knowledge on the latest trends and giving how-to advice to provide you with inspiration for you and your home. You’ll also get the chance to see the showcase of designs by local, independent designers.

In addition to this, attendees will be given the chance to turn your inspiration into a reality with access to the exclusive sale on pre-loved furniture items. From Wednesday 11th October, the showroom event provides an unmissable opportunity to get your hands on some classic designs and buy some beautiful pieces for up to 70% off!

AA Sofa Knoll

AA Sofa Knoll for Sale

From 9:30 am, you will have the opportunity to purchase unique, stylish designs such as the Pre-Loved Albini Desk by Knoll and the Pre-loved AA Sofa by Knoll. This sale provides a chance to purchase stunning pieces for less and with such a range of items to choose from, you’ll be spoilt for choice. Elegant pieces such as the Pre-loved Skygarden Pendant Light by Flos, provide any space with a centre piece which is sure to attract attention.

The star of the show is the Pre-loved Barcelona Chair and Stool by Knoll. This is one of the most popular Knoll pieces, providing comfort whilst looking extremely trendy. With 70% off in the Interior sale and such a timeless, iconic design, this piece is a show stopper to look out for.

With such a wide range of exclusive sale items, follow your inspiration and dive in to the world of interior design with these beautiful items guaranteed to transform your home. We look forward to seeing you and showing you all this sale has to offer!  Please RSVP: or click here to register to attend our Showroom Event.


Barcelona Chair for sale

Barcelona Chair for Sale

Celebrating the launch of the ‘New Collection’ by Knoll

Celebrating the launch of the ‘New Collection’ by Knoll

Introducing the new sofa system collection made in Italy by Knoll, designed by Piero Lissoni. It’s called ‘Avio’. A design masterpiece which combines luxury and comfort with timeless design and hand-finished upholstery.

Piero-Lissoni-Avio-3Founded in 1938, Knoll has been recognized internationally for creating workplace and residential furnishings driven by design philosophy that modern furniture should complement architectural space, not compete with it. Knoll follows a “Modern Always” ideology because modern always works. The design firm produces furniture designed by some of the world’s most iconic furniture designers of not just the 50’s like Ludwig Mies van der RoheHarry BertoiaFlorence Knoll (Florence Schust), Frank GehryMaya Lin and Eero Saarinen but also the pioneers of the modern design era.

Avio reflects Lissoni’s minimalistic design style approach that pivots on both elegance and comfort. The sofa design, based on extensive aesthetic research, enhances and redefines the use of any type of space in residential and contract environments. The rotund volume of the seats along with the modular and linear framework of the design complements a variety of settings, showcasing the functional and proportional poise of the sofa system.Avio_ByPLissoni_Knoll_StillLife_1_b

With a strong steel beam load-bearing structure, the seats, back and the table appear to be floating on an elegantly designed sleek framework. This sofa system remoulds the idea of the traditional upholstered furniture to versatile configurations of benches, sofas for two or three people, a chaise longue and table tops including surprising corner compositions.

Avio’s seats provide great comfort with the supreme padding. The aesthetics can be further enhanced by adding decorative throw cushions. Knoll’s extensive collection of textile, provides a wide range of upholstery options to cater to various needs to accommodate the diversity of the users. The sofa system along with the marble side table, available in some of the world’s most exclusive types of marble including natural tones of black, grey and green catalyses the overall luxury appeal.

Piero-Lissoni-Avio-6In all, Avio sofa system collection offers plump cushioning, light structure, sleek & strong framework, modern design, contemporary finish, timeless beauty, which is ideal for everything a comfortable and luxurious sofa is supposed to offer: for resting, conversing, reading, listening to music, sleeping, watching a film…

This Knoll furniture comes with an etched signature for authenticity and in the near future the sofa system will be enhanced by new elements to gradually expand its functional range and versatility.

Get the best interior scheme for your space with Carly Madhvani's expert design advise. The sofa color scheme that is suggested by Carly Madhvani to our client who owns a home from Grand Designs. The chunky Knoll fabric in tones of blue and black for the sofa looks fabulous and is practical, combining with a grey soft fabric for the cushions allows you to rest on luxury.

The beauty of the sofa is further enhanced by the new marble called Statuarietto. The Italian marble has a salty grey and white tones.

Carly Madhvani is an authentic Knoll dealer. To buy the iconic Knoll furniture visit our NW3 Interiors showroom in Hampsetad or ask for brochure.

Carly Madhvani is an authentic Knoll dealer. To buy the iconic Knoll furniture visit our NW3 Interiors showroom in Hampstead or ask for brochure. Available to view in the showroom, contact to book an appointment.

RSVP: to attend our Showroom Event

Open House in October – Showroom Event

As many of our clients know, Carly Madhvani, CEO of NW3 Interiors, has a passion and keen eye for interior design after spending several years working in the industry. Working with Knoll and other trusted brand partners, Carly has assembled a spectacular collection of high-quality and luxurious furniture in her home – which doubles up as the showroom for NW3 Interiors!

We’re delighted to announce our October open house event, where Carly will be opening the doors to her home and showcasing stunning collections, advising on the latest trends and how-to’s, and exhibiting designs from local, independent designers. Split across three days between the 10th and 12th of October, the event will allow Carly to share her breadth of knowledge to help inspire you and your home!

Starting at 9:30am on Tuesday the 10th of October, the first day is designed as an all-day drop-in for architects, developers and estate agents to see the latest trends in design and gain exclusive insight and industry knowledge in to the world of interior design.

The following two days are open to registered guests only (click here to register) and will both run from 9:30am to 4:30pm. Wednesday the 11th will showcase the property and its interiors, with the highlight of the day being a talk from furniture brand Knoll, who will be showcasing their new collection. Featuring new products such as the Avio sofa and the just-released red marble, this is an unmissable session.

The last day, also open to registered guests only from 9:30am to 4:30pm, will have Carly sharing her award-winning knowledge on interior trends and how-to advice, starting at 2:30pm. This is an ideal opportunity to see what products and designs are out there, and get inspiration for how you could give the interiors of your own home a new wave of freshness.

Carly will also be displaying the luxury products of local, independent designers. A range of lifestyle, homewares and various other products, these collections cannot be found on the high street and can add an element of uniqueness to any home.

To attend the showroom event please fill in the form below, or contact us to find out more. We look forward to seeing you and sharing what NW3 Interiors and Carly’s showroom have to offer!