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NW3 Interiors Ltd collaborates with world-renowned, high-quality furniture and accessories brands. Only specifying from the range of true, authorised, iconic design pieces, influencing your space in a modern and practical way. Carly Madhvani also integrates her knowledge of luxury, quality high-street brands and secret suppliers to ensure that all projects are kept within the clients requested budget, ensuring a quality end result.

NW3 Spend their time attending trade shows globally to source new brands and designers and bringing their designs back to their clients in London. Director Carly Madhvani has years of experience with these design houses and manufacturers, which saves you time and money, so that the result is unique and striking every single time.

Please see our products for an indication of prices and you can also ask for a customised quote by contacting us here.

B & B Italia

Iconic Furniture




Bespoke Storage

Front Rugs

Luxury Hand-Made Rugs

The Sofa & Chair Company

Iconic Living



Bert | Frank

Iconic Lighting

Coco Wolf

Outdoor Furniture


Iconic Living

Barber & Osgerby

Iconic Living


Iconic Lighting



Iconic Living

Fritz Hansen

Iconic Living


Iconic Living

Luke Irwin

Luxury Hand-Made Rugs

Neutra Bathroom

Stone Culture


Bespoke Hand-Made Wallpaper


Luxury Furniture


Eclectic Furniture


Luxury Furniture

VIP and Friends

Lighting & Furniture

Dôme Deco

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