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Create a Timeless Living Space With The Knoll Barcelona Chair

The philosophy of creating a timeless space is based around finding pieces that are not just currently in style but ones whose appeal will never fade away. When German born architect Ludwig Mies Van Der Roche created the Knoll Barcelona chair in the 1920s, he had no idea of the life he was breathing into the design. Now known as one of the most recognised objects in modern design, the chair unites design and artistry to help create a tranquil living space in the home.

Originally designed to provide a comfortable break for the King of Spain when he visited the German Pavilion at the International Exposition of 1929, the Knoll Barcelona chair was made from 128 separate pieces of leather and a chromed stainless steel frame. With its prominent curved X-shape, the chair is reminiscent of classic folding campaign furniture and ancient Roman curule chairs. Without the push from the monumental architectural design of the Pavilion, the Barcelona chair may not exist today.

Barcelona chair made by Knoll order from NW3 Interiors in Hampstead, London.

Though created for royalty, the Knoll Barcelona chair has since made its way into countless residences. Taking note from the structure of the Pavilion, the chair uses delicate structural frames to create its unique feeling of weightlessness—perfect for any modern living room. With its low profile and simplistic lines, the chair is simply elegant and its sense of ease keeps a room feeling airy, light and clean.

“Less is more” is the perfect motto for the Knoll Barcelona chair. As one of the oldest modern classics still around, the piece is the perfect addition to any living room seating area. Whether it is accompanying other pieces or standing alone, the chair can hold its own or effortlessly complement a space’s chosen modern style. The chair is versatile enough to be subtly tucked away to the side or stand tastefully and powerfully near the centre of the room.

Bringing together old and new design, the Knoll Barcelona chair forms an irreplaceable presence—it is a special piece and creates a feeling of calm in the air. With its lower structure, clean lines, and simplistic design approach, the chair is bound to become a staple in any household—and when you do bring the chair into your living space, be prepared to fall in love and never want it to leave. With its everlasting design, this chair will always have a place alongside the evolution of your home’s design.

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