Don’t Go Interiors Shopping Until You’ve Read Our Guide!

Don’t Go Interiors Shopping Until You’ve Read Our Guide!

A common error when it comes to designing your own home usually occurs the moment you walk into your favourite chosen home store. Overwhelmed by a variety of styles, colours, patterns and little trinkets it’s easy to find yourself in a deep pit of random cushions and a large selection of animal themed ornaments. Not only do you have loads of options to chose from but the object usually comes in every colour under the sun, making it harder for you to keep to a colour palette and finalise important decisions. Before you go interiors shopping for your home, go around your house and write a list of things you need per room ie. 1 lamp and lamp-shade for spare room, 2 cushions and an ornament for reception room. Treat it like you would a grocery store, know your recipe, buy your ingredients and you end up with a pie that Gordon Ramsay would rate 5 stars… don’t and well, you could be appearing on an episode of Hell’s Kitchen.


Think about what would look good, what compliments your existing interiors and what colours would suit the space. Before you buy anything decide on a colour palette for each room consisting of no more than 3 colours, always stick with a neutral base so you have the flexibility to change your mind. When you’re going round the shop you’ll only buy what you need and what will look good. If you’re out and you see something you like when you weren’t planning on interiors shopping, just stop and visualise where you will put it and if it will look good… just make sure you always keep your receipts.




A big no-no when buying interiors for your home is impulse buys, or buying on a whim! Often I hear of my clients going abroad and spotting something and thinking “oh yes! I’ll buy this” only to get home and realise they have no where to put it. Not only is it a waste of money but your beloved item gets thrown into the basement and adds to the clutter monster that is growing in the depths of your home. Of course, be inspired by your travels! Take inspiration from other cultures and buy ornaments that you love and wonderful hand-made cushions and throws… all I’m saying is…think about where that item is going to go when you get home.



Another thing to contemplate when you’re buying interiors is the quality. Likelihood is, if you buy cheap it will look cheap. Things that are poorly made often look & feel like they are bad quality, 1 cheap looking ornament or piece of furniture can throw an entire room off balance. Your home will be your home forever, invest in it; an £800 chair will last you a life time an £80 chair will last you 2 years if you’re lucky. Comfortable dining chairs are a must and soft and quality beds pillows and linens are an essential. If you invest in your home you’re investing in yourself and your quality of life. That’s why it’s important to stick to brands you know and trust, which is what we do here at NW3 Interiors. We only supply furniture from top-brands who have an established reputation for quality, luxury furniture with iconic and timeless designs.




The client from our “Frognal Apartment’ project are an international couple so it’s tempting to include a plethora of global artefacts.  This makes it interesting, just be aware of the balance. Our client was very happy with how we added new items to their home, incorporating their existing items and style whilst adding furniture, curtains, decoration, lighting, tables, bedside tables, lamps, bedroom bench, storage and shelving.

Contact us to see how we can take away the drama and decisions to help you enjoy the process of a harmonious home.

West Hampstead Home Transformation

West Hampstead Home Transformation

It’s hard enough moving house, let alone country…let alone moving to a new house in a new country with furnishings that just don’t seem to work!
Can you imagine the despair?!
We were approached by a family of 4 living in West Hampstead to help them with their home. They had recently moved from Dubai and had since moved the majority of their belongings over to their new home in Hampstead.
They were lucky enough to enlist the help of NW3 Interiors to get on the case because although we have a our own style we can also adapt like little interior designer chameleons and exert our knowledge onto other styles and interiors.
Walk into this beautiful home…
We started by discussing with the client their style, what they would like and what they would need. One of the main issues for us to solve was to figure out a way to integrate their existing furniture, which was an eclectic mix of middle eastern furnishings with bright colours and eccentric patterns into a period, West Hampstead home. Another one was to utilise a small existing outdoor area and make it a useable and functional space, as well as making it super duper pretty… (always).

Our boldest statement and design solution was to stain the wooden floor almost pure black. This created a beautiful base colour for all of their statement pieces to pop, working in contrast with all of the patterns and colours allowing their stunning pieces to flourish in the space. We continued the black flooring from the front door to the back door and even to an outdoor space, allowing a seamless flow throughout the home. We also replaced the white framed doors in the kitchen with large glass panelled doors with black frames to frame the view of the garden. The doors were to designed to be pushed back and opened up to allow them to connect the garden and the kitchen in the summer time.


We solved the awkward space between the two rooms were also connected by a black wooden flooring that helped to connect the two rooms and created a beautiful little space perfect for a book and a side table, perfect for outdoor reading. We installed bulb lighting that was spread up and across the wall and over-head to create a magical outdoor area. The client is really happy with the service and result, see the review on our Houzz page.  If you’re considering changing your home for the better, get in contact here.

See the full project here 

Save Don’t Sell – Investing in Your Home

Save Don’t Sell – Investing in Your Home

Hampstead housing market

In the UK, 58% of properties taken off the housing market this year were withdrawn rather than sold. It’s a confusing time trying to navigate the housing market, especially in areas that are hugely effected by the stamp duty rise, such as Hampstead. For example, Stamp Duty Land Tax for a £2 million home is £153,750. Since selling your house has become increasingly more expensive and difficult, residents are instead choosing to invest in their homes.







Why you should invest in your home

Investing in your home, rather than selling it, has three main benefits.

  1. To save money

Many aspects, including the stamp duty rise, has made it more and more expensive to sell your home and move, especially if you are planning to trade up the housing ladder.

  1. It’s less stressful

In the UK it is now more likely that you will struggle finding a buyer, than successfully selling your home. This can be difficult in itself, not to mention the stress that moving brings if you are in fact successful.

  1. To improve your life at home

Rearranging your rooms can be more convenient for your daily routine, while purchasing additional furniture can help you to relax and unwind from your day.

  1. To fall in love with your home again

Revamping the house and rethinking the space can revitalise how you see your home. It’s easy to get used to your layout and décor, but as your life evolves you can invest in your home to keep up with your changing priorities.


How to fall in love with your home again – ways of revamping

Adding a statement piece

Select statement pieces can be key to helping you relax, by offering either tranquillity, convenience, or both. Great examples to choose from are a comfy lounge chair like our lovely Saarinen Womb Chair by Knoll, a table in that space you’ve always needed one, or a reading light set up in your favourite spot to curl up with a book. These seemingly small improvements can help you enjoy your weekends and improve your ‘me time’.

Re-arrange your rooms

As you and in many cases your family, grow and develop, your needs will change. Undoubtedly, the functions of your house will change alongside this. However, moving home isn’t always the answer – simply changing the rooms themselves may do the trick. For example if your young family is growing up, you could turn the playroom into a dining room, a neglected dining room into an office, the always empty spare room into a gym. Even swapping rooms around as your priorities change: if you’ve started working from home a lot swap your study with a larger room that’s barely used. The possibilities are endless, and the results are fantastic.

Make your garden a room

Don’t forget about outside! No longer simply a space for flowers and a sprinkler, with the right items you can make your garden a fully functioning space. In the summer, it’s easy to make homely by adding outdoor furniture and that all important barbeque. But it doesn’t stop there – there’s a great range of outdoor furniture that will survive the winter months. In addition, outdoor heaters (fire pits) and lighting can create a magical atmosphere.

If you’re thinking of choosing to spend money on improving your lifestyle at home, or to find more ideas on how to invest in your home, head to and get inspired.

Primrose Hill Guest Room & Bathroom Transformation

Primrose Hill Guest Room & Bathroom Transformation

Primrose Hill Guest Room & Bathroom Transformation

The client approached NW3 interiors to update their existing guest room and bathroom with a layout and style appropriate for family to stay, sport to be undertaken in terms of cycling, children to study, family to relax and for double access to the bathroom.

NW3 Interiors measured the space and created a floorpan of the existing rooms and proceeded to create options for potential different layouts for the client to chose from. They curated multiple furniture packages which included a variety of items and options, including a bed that could be pulled out from the wall, storage and a sofa bed. We showed our clients how the space would work and be utilised for each option provided.

After options were discussed with the client we presented 3 different colour palettes. The client went for the neutral, blue, grey and cream. There was a hint of country style added to correspond with existing interiors and to complement the period home. We chose brass to add metallics and a blue grey textured curtain to add warmth. After the layouts and finishes were agreed we set a schedule of works for the builders and a project timeline. NW3 we sourced all of the furniture and materials and then organised the builders to arrive 8 weeks later so that all of the design materials and furniture was ready to install.

The builders took 3 weeks to knock down the walls, create the doors, take up the floor, decorate the walls and install the cupboards.We visited throughout the process, once a week to ensure standards were met and that things were running to schedule. We also oversee projects to make sure the designs are correct and practical.

It is now both a beautiful and fully functioning space, that is designed to accommodate different uses as requested by the client.


Finished Guest Room

Bathroom Finished

Bathroom After

Bathroom Before

How Japan is Influencing Western Interiors

How Japan is Influencing Western Interiors

At NW3, we are already looking forward to 2018. Before we know it, we’ll be surrounded by a sea of cherry trees and the beautiful pink shades of the legendary Cherry Blossom. We have the unique opportunity to travel to Japan and explore the world of Japanese art and design. Aside from picnicking under a sky of cherry blossom, we’ve also got exciting plans to explore the culture behind the growing influence of Japanese art in the interior design world. We’re looking forward to:

  • Glamping at the Hoshinoya Fuji resort in Yamanashi. We’re spending 5 nights at the resort, surrounded by beautiful scenery.


  • Taking the bullet train to Kyoto, where we will be staying at a picturesque retreat in the city. Here, we have the opportunity to celebrate the unique designs and landscaped grounds of Arashiyama.

  • Hopping back on the bullet train to Hakone to visit the incredible temples the city has to offer.

  • Eventually arriving at Hoshinoya Tokyo where we will be staying. Here, we will have the pleasure of experiencing the authentic, Japanese ryokan hospitality.


Not only does this trip allow us to indulge in the luxuries that Japan has to offer, it gives us a chance to explore the world of Japanese art and design. Japanese influence is appearing far more in the interior design world. Brands are starting to incorporate Japanese design into their interior collections, combining it with Italian manufacture craftsmanship. Together, the two aesthetics create some astonishingly beautiful effects.

For instance, take a look at the Fidelio Lamp by Roberto Lazzeroni. The geometric features and line precision highlight its elegance and the beauty of its simple structure. The same clean, linear elegance is evident in Lazzeroni’s Fidelio Small Tables. Paired with the Fidelio Lamp, the tables create a fresh, modern space. Or, take the Pendant by Gaia – a chandelier so unique and exquisite, it becomes a centre piece in any room. In these pieces, we see the combination of eastern and western aesthetics.

This takes us back to last week’s exhibition, ‘East Meets West’ at the Design Centre in Chelsea Harbour. The exhibition looked at how Eastern styles are favourable in the West and are a major influence in interior designing. Visitors could immerse themselves in Japanese art, talks and workshops exploring how the East and West come together to bring something new and innovative to the world of design. From tea sets and Samurai armoury to paintings and scientific instruments, Antiques Young Guns displayed how Eastern aesthetic is still extremely appealing and pleasing to us in the West.

Our trip to Japan is a chance for us to discover how their unique aesthetic meets Western aesthetic to create such a popular trend and how the two influences can create such beautiful designs. We look forward to sharing our journey with you.