Luke Irwin: Art Hand-Knotted in Style

Luke Irwin: Art Hand-Knotted in Style

What makes Luke Irwin’s Rugs so beautiful?

Luke Irwin one-of-a-kind custom made rugs can offer a new degree of bespoke beauty to any interior. Luke focuses on providing a range of truly remarkable designs available in a size to suit your home. The designs are intricate, detailed and almost 3D.

Carly Madhvani, director of NW3 describes them to be ‘Walking on art’.  See Carly’s favourite rug below ‘Ravenna’ available from £3k.

The often abstract designs, incorporate a balance of colour, tone, texture and form which can really pull together your room design. Subverting a flat, modern style, and allowing for a more discerning, artistic mood.

Ravenna rug by Luke Irwin
Ikat8 Luke Irwin rug

See and feel the Luke Irwin rug at the NW3 Interiors showroom in Hampstead.

We believe the importance of a rug in any given space is often greatly underestimated; a good rug can be the cornerstone or foundation on which all the disparate elements and personality within a room are bound together” – Luke Irwin

Hand-knotted using traditional methods in the foothills of the himalayas, these silk rugs last centuries. Presenting a great opportunity for investment. Get in contact and we can help you acquire a bespoke rug of your own.

View his collections here:

The Art of Modern Living

The Art of Modern Living

NW3 Director Carly Madhvani reflects on contemporary living. 

What makes contemporary furniture design timeless?

Styles which exist beyond ever-changing fashions, fads, colours and materials are deemed timeless. Timelessness is a unique design virtue that goes against the flow of convention, able to proliferate originality through time.  The furniture that we tend to aim our attention is for clients who are open to investing in exclusive style and usability which is going to endure time and use. Perhaps in light of passing their procurements on years down the line. What you often find with timeless design is an innovative production method that coexists with the style of the piece through its lifetime. Craftsmanship is sustained, nearly always placing finish quality above mass-produced alternatives. The alignment of lasting design and perfected manufacturing techniques across the fashion movements of decades really sets this furniture above the rest.    

What materials best define modern style?

The materials that best define modern style tend to be trim, graceful and streamlined against the traditional mediums of previous generations. As Eero Saarinen put it frankly, “The undercarriage of chairs and tables in a typical interior makes an ugly, confusing, unrestful world,” a scenario which is often paired with typical constituents. The materials incorporated into modern style often subvert this convention, offering sleek minimal and practical solutions. Key examples include lacquered surfaces, glass, finished woods and refined marbles, as well as metallic surfaces. The combination of these purified mediums, contained within a clean, optimal and appropriate design provides the basis for modern style. 

Is the art of modern design evolving?

The art of modern design is assuredly evolving, partly due to the development of technology and refined manufacturing techniques. It in part is affected by the fact that we are in a sense evolving, having to get used to ever-simplifying technology at home and in the workplace. Interior can be seen to move with that trend. The word modern means relating to present or recent times, so as current modes of fashion change so does the essence of modern, ever transfiguring into often more simplified forms. But the actual art with sustaining modern design is by continuing to see whats new and innovative, whats being used in terms of futuristic production technologies and materials. And incorporating this with comfort, practicality and stat-of-the-art design. 

Does modern living affect lifestyle?

Modern living totally affects lifestyle for the better, and thats partly because of the technology that we have developed and the design which enables you to find peace in such a frantic world. We are faced with many daily pressures, amounting from perhaps work, kids or sporting activity. This can translate into mental strain, a cerebral congestion that can often lead to stress and unrest. Modern living/interiors can act as an antidote to a busy life, providing a clear unblemished space to relax and unwind. A clean, minimal living space will always correspond with a clear mind, and modern style represents this completely. It can be related to the act of tidying a room, which always makes you feel better, as de-cluttering your exterior space helps to clarify judgment within. I think with all the pressure and distraction we subject ourselves to these days, one can utilise modern living to find a balance between coherent peace and livelihood. 

Modern Outdoor living

Modern Outdoor living

Take Eero Saarinen’s abiding style beyond the interior, with Knoll’s new acrylic stone tulip tables.

Originally designed in 1957, the Saarinen tulip table has been updated with al fresco living in mind. Updated with an acrylic stone made from a mixture of acrylic resin, aluminium hydroxide and natural pigments, the table is assured to be strong, water-resistant, and colour-stable to the harshest of natural elements.  A cast aluminium base supports the stone top, available in white or black Rilsan. Experience iconic design outdoors with this new iteration of one of the Knoll’s most notable collections. Available in 3 different sizes. Find out more on the Saarinen collection, and inquire for prices by following the link below

 Saarinen Tulip Collection

Looking for something a bit more rectilinear? As of 2015, Knoll has unveiled a new stance on the Richard Schultz outdoor collection. Featuring the Schultz square table and armchair in Onxy black. Order through inquiry at NW3.Outdoor seating Knoll