We’re Loving the Knoll design Platner collection and here’s why

We’re Loving the Knoll design Platner collection and here’s why

Knoll 2013_IMG_6187_AThe Platner collection was first produced in 1966, the unique and functional design has kept its condition ever since. Pictured here is the Platner collection dining table and chairs, available in either fabric or leather upholstery. The hand-welded design comes in either a polished chrome or bronze finish. The glass-top dining table is also available in chrome or bronze. With a 135cm diameter, this handmade collection can seat up to 5 people.

The Dining chairs start from £2000
The Platner Dining table starts from £3000

The range also includes Platner Lounge Chair, Easy Chair, Ottoman, Stool and Coffee Tables (Various sizes)

Although the design of this collection was one of Platner’s key successes, 67192-PlatnerWarrenthere is much more to know. Having achieved a degree in architecture from Cornell in 1941, Platner went on to receive the Rome Prize in 1955 (Awarded for excellence in architecture and design). After working in the offices of the Eero Saarinen and Kevin Roche, Platner started his own in 1965. Although originally an architect, Platner took on the interior design of some significant projects, beginning his directed focus towards furniture and interiors. Design jobs of note include the Windows of the World restaurant at the former World Trade Center and the New York showroom for Georg Jensen. Much like his furniture, Platner’s designs are a true representation of their time.

platner_side_chair_01-770x528The Knoll design Platner Collection was conceived in 1966, leading to the creation of an elegant collection of chairs, tables and stools. This collection shares a uniqueness in structural intricacy, with the base form consisting of hundreds of polished nickel or bronze steel rods. Platner’s design symbolised a period style of “decorative, gentle, graceful design,” while avoiding applied aesthetic. Seeking instead in his own words to “make the structure so the ornamental details are built into it as functional elements.” This iconic collection speaks integrity, innovation and attention to detail, being in continuous production by Knoll ever since.

Why we think this collection is so iconic?

  • We think the Platner collection defines statement furniture, combining appropriate use of material with intuitive structural design
  • The multitude of customisable options allows for total freedom when integrating this design  into your living space
  • The era-influenced design has stood the test of time, maintaining its style, offering a distinctive interior solution to any space.
  • “The Platner collection reflects the KnollStudio commitment to timeless, enduring design, continuing the Knoll legacy of producing furniture to the exacting standards of the designer and affirming our unwavering belief in the power and utility of modern design”
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Top interiors trends for 2015 predicted by north London’s design experts

Top interiors trends for 2015 predicted by north London’s design experts

Say goodbye to grey as 2015 welcomes a new interest in bold colours, sophisticated metallics and interesting textures.

Following our recent obsession with grey walls, strong inky blue hues are trending for 2015.

We’re playing with painting above coving and cornicing to create the illusion of higher ceilings and in really small spaces we’re even painting the ceiling in the same shade to create the illusion of height.

Painting picture and mirror frames in the same colour as the wall makes the images pop out. It’s a simple, clever way to show you’re interior style savvy.

Although brass and gold are starting to creep in to homes, many designers are still focussing on copper.

Combining the patina of copper with inky blue is a winner, especially while it’s still cold outside.

Adding luxury, textured materials such as sheepskin or velvet gives the metal a cosy feel – try cushion covers or layered throws, which can be put away for spring/summer.

There’s also an emphasis on combining different woods, especially in kitchens and furniture.

Check out Prudence Ivey’s full article here, featuring the NW3 Showroom
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10 Reasons Why Spending Money On Quality Furniture Is a Terrible Idea

10 Reasons Why Spending Money On Quality Furniture Is a Terrible Idea

  1. nw3_interiors-154People often encounter side-effects of pride and gratification from caring about their home and living space. Effects such as these are often made apparent to visitors and guests.
  2. You will find yourself putting up with timeless furniture designs that maintain their splendour for longer than previously anticipated.
  3. Spending money on quality furniture will likely pay off in at least one, if not numerous areas of your life.
  4. You may find your living room or bedroom to be more comfortable if not more tranquil than expected.
  5. Many have reported states of euphoria due to prolonged exposure to superior comfort.
  6. A sense of permanence and longevity can result from investing in quality.
  7. You may find that future bloodlines yield a handsome return from your dwelling, due to its attentively selected interior furnishings.
  8. You may start to realise a positive correlation arising between your perfectionistic furniture decisions and overall quality of life.
  9. People have found that intelligent investment in 14btheir living environment has made ‘coming home’ that much more redeeming, regardless of any job/life-related stress or frustration.
  10. Replacing furniture often starts materialising from choice rather than necessity.


Written by NW3 Interiors 16th Jan 2015.